Harvard Business School Digital Alumni Magazine

Harvard Business School AppDigital alumni magazines help universities connect with young alumni; Harvard Business School Alumni Bulletin invests in a mobile platform.

Alumni magazines are timeless college marketing tools for actively reconnecting graduates with their alma mater. Readers get a glimpse of nostalgia from their college years and a way to keep in touch with their fellow alumni, and universities find an engaging means to remind alumni why they should stay connected with their school.

Colleges are constantly exploring new avenues for engaging young alumni, a demographic that is consistently difficult to pinpoint. Using the latest technology in digital publishing, flagship institutions are rolling out digital versions of their college publications to reach alumni through their mobile devices.

This could be a smart move as people are spending 20% of their time on mobile devices. Complemented with digital native content – infused with videos, slideshows and more – colleges are sending a fresh message that shows how much they support the community.

One trailblazing school that has recently come forward with digital publishing: Harvard Business School (HBS) is now publishing a digital edition of its quarterly alumni magazine, HBS Alumni Bulletin, using the mag+ software to generate each new issue.

HBS is consistently ranked among the most prestigious business schools in the world. With a community of more than 80,000 spread out across 167 countries, HBS is an industry leader at keeping alumni connected to their school – and connected with each other.

In tandem with HBS’s dynamic alumni website, which includes public content as well as exclusive resources and networking tools for alumni, the new digital edition of the HBS Alumni Bulletin is leading the way in delivering rich content to alumni whenever and wherever they look for it.

Each issue includes fascinating articles covering HBS graduates and faculty and their impact on the global marketplace and society. For example, the cover for June 2014 featured HBS graduate Claudia Sender, CEO of TAM Airlines, Brazil’s largest airline, as people everywhere were travelling to catch the World Cup this summer. Swiping through one issue, you get a sense of the impressive footprint cast by HBS alumni, and their combined impact on the daily lives of billions of people.

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