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Mobile product guides and sales enablement apps help automotive companies stay miles ahead of the competition.

Race to the front of the pack and stay there with mag+ interactive apps that are perfect for automotive industry use. Now it’s easy for automobile makers to show off their product line with full-color imagery, technical specs and statistics in a hands-on, interactive format. Simply download our app-producing software and start creating cutting-edge automotive sales and marketing tools for mobile devices today.

E-brochures, interactive sales letters, fleet look-books, technical updates, product training guides and more can all be customized to your automotive brand.  mag+ delivers professional design, quick distribution and convenient updating—no coding required!

  • Product Guides

    Volvo’s ground-breaking product guide puts their latest fleet of trucks at buyer’s fingertips. Using high quality video and interactive panoramas, this handy product guide presents detailed specs in a dynamic, simple, interactive format. Create your own automotive sales materials to generate buzz and motivate buyers.

  • Sales and Training Materials

    Internal training materials go from boring to memorable with Mag+ app making software. Automotive powerhouse Ford gets new team members up to speed on its latest product lines with a quick-start training app created with the Mag+ software.  Fleet info can be updated instantly, presenting features, benefits and specs in a mobile, touchscreen-friendly format. Create your own automotive training materials and help your sales team hit the ground running from day one.

  • Automotive Lifestyle Magazines

    Turn your automotive brand into a lifestyle player with mobile promotional collateral made possible with Mag+ software. Toyota Magazine for iPad is custom publishing at its finest, made fully mobile and interactive using Mag+. Invite customers to kick the tires while communicating the lifestyle your brand represents with full-color images, in-depth articles and intriguing product features.

Give your automotive brand the edge it needs to outpace the competition. Leverage the Mag+ app software to create customized mobile content for a variety of uses, and put your brand on the digital map.

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