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The sports industry knows how to keep fans cheering with digital sports magazines and team athletic apps.

Give your fans the access they crave with mag+ interactive apps that are ideal for sports industry use. Sports fans are already on the cutting-edge of technology—reach them in an instant with interactive apps that bring their favorite team or athletic pursuit straight to their mobile device. Team apps, sports magazines, visual retrospectives and more can all be customized to your team, sport or athletic brand. mag+ app-producing software delivers a design-ready format, quick distribution and convenient updating.


  • Interactive Sports Magazines

    Everybody’s a fan with mobile team apps for the athletic industry. Sports leagues and teams of all levels from professional and college to high school, clubs and more can utilize Mag+ to create a mobile app that’s all about their team. SA Rugby publishes their monthly iPad app which brings readers the best of their print publication combined with fresh content from the website. Interactive features including player bios, up-to-date stats and team schedules are at the fan’s fingertips! Mag+ app-producing software makes it easy to connect with your fans on a digital level. They’ll love the team access and finger-tip convenience, you’ll love the excitement and buzz that only your unique app can generate.

  • Player Branded Apps

    Attention sports publishers: give fans what they really want – insider information on their favorite athletes! Soccer fans get exactly what they want with the I AM ZLATAN app, which is, you guessed it, all about Zlatan Ibrahimovic! Inside stories, video interviews, game stats and career highlights all presented in an interactive format. Keep your fans connected to your sports brand with exciting mobile content delivered straight to fan devices.

  • Team Marketing Materials

    Bring a modern edge to your sports marketing materials with a mobile app. Rutgers’ Inside College Athletics mobile app delivers the school’s message to an active audience. An inside look at fan-favorite Rutgers’ sports teams, the mobile app delivers coach interviews, season highlights through HD images, athlete Q&A’s as well as inspiration from the team’s social newsfeeds. Fans will learn about upcoming sporting events and products while your brand saves on printing and mailing costs.

Share your love of sport and give fans the insider info they live for. Leverage Mag+ app software to create customized mobile content for a variety of uses. Mag+ has everything you need to put your sports brand on the digital map.

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