Schneider Electric Digital Catalog

Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management, is always looking for new ways to bring their solutions closer to potential and existing customers. With over 140,000 employees in 100 countries, each Schneider home office, USA, France, Germany, Australia to name a few, have multiple apps ranging in use from utility to customer loyalty apps.

Schneider Electric Greece decided to move their whole range of catalogs from print to digital. They assigned agency XTD with the task to build something innovative for their range of switches and home automation solutions catalogues.

XTD set out with the objective to build an experience that is simply not possible in print. One that conveyed Schneider Electrics high product quality standards and let the end-users “experience” their solutions.

The Schneider @ Home App delivers exactly that while keeping the size of the app to a minimum. Other than using common digital design features such as pinch & zoom functionality and lots of videos, further innovative features are used. For example the user can:

  • Listen to the sound of a switch
  • Dim lights
  • Watch how a switch is built
  • Experience the fluid response of a dimmer
  • Build a product according to your specs
  • Play with the home automation panels

“mag+ gave us the ability to integrate lots of HTML and query code so that we could create effects and functionality like the above” says Dennis Gouzoulis Commercial Director at XTD.”

“And even with all of these features and videos embedded in the app, we kept the size of the app to less than 150MB with absolutely no compromises on image and video quality. To put is plainly, we couldn’t have done this without mag+, as simple as that!” says Gouzoulis.