National Geographic For Kids Education Tools

National Geographic PolandIf you want to activate your child’s natural curiosity to explore the world, this iPad App from National Geographic Poland includes articles, photographs, audio, films and interactive screens covering subjects of geography, history and popular science.

Passionate ‘explorers’ from National Geographic Learning, as well as leading Polish educational expert, Nowa Eraaimed, have created the content.

Featured articles, written in Polish and simplified English, include:

• Pandomania – a look into the world of panda bears living in the mountainous areas of central China.
• Modern knights – extraordinary recreations of medieval battles, faithful reproduction of martial arts and even contemporary costumes – a topic for history lovers!
• A friend on vacation – learn the 10 basic rules of conduct, which should be followed by the owners of dogs, cats and other household pets during the holidays.
• New Land – do you know how the islands are formed? This material is in English only.

Multimagazyn National Geographic Explorer is available in two pricing models: a single issue and subscription:

Single issue price: € 0.89.
Annual subscription includes 8 issues: € 6.99.

The next issue is due in October.
More information on the National Geographic Explorer