Personal Finance Newsletter Marketing Materials

Investing Daily is yet another brand developing creative ways to deliver issue based content to their audience. Personal Finance is an app that delivers bi-weekly newsletters directly to their iPad readers. See the elegant design of the newsletter in the video below, and be sure to read our interview with Brad Ash, Senior Application Developer and Technical Strategist of Investing Daily. He explains the brand’s strategy behind creating the app and provides some great marketing tips!

1. Who is the target market for the Personal Finance App?

Personal Finance is an investment research service providing model portfolios and advice to people looking to build substantial wealth or earn stable investment income.

Our readers are self-directed investors who shun Wall Street and the usual fare served up on financial talk shows and mainstream publications.  They believe they can produce better investment returns than a broker ever would and at a fraction of the price.

The app offers a great platform for subscribers who have already adopted tablets for reading while they travel, during their commute or at home. It allows readers to access their issues from anywhere in the world and keep multiple issues on hand. It also helps us target younger audiences who are looking for a digital experience and are not interested in a print subscription.

With the app we are able to provide rich, multimedia features that we cannot deliver in print. Presently we offer an executive summary video with the app, but in the future we plan to offer things like dynamically updating portfolio tables and flash alerts when actionable advice is published to our website.

2. When did you launch the app?

The Personal Finance app launched on October 22, 2013 with our first of two October issues. If successful, we plan to launch apps for our dozen other advisory services next year.

3. What was the strategy for creating an app for this bi-monthly newsletter, rather than sending out an email newsletter?

We offer all of the content of our print newsletter to our readers online and also have a complimentary weekly ezine that is sent out. We found that despite the extra features such as a discussion community online, most of our readers come to the website to download the packaged issue. The app provides a way to offer that bundled experience our users seem to crave, but with the added multimedia features mentioned above.

We also do a lot of work in both paid search and email marketing to reach new audiences, but the App Store offers yet another channel previously unavailable to us.

4. The Personal Finance app is available to anyone through iTunes. How do you market the app and drive people to download?

We are starting to market the app to our existing email lists. We are also working with Appency, an app marketing agency, to improve App Store SEO and test in-app advertising  to similar interest groups.

5. mag+ is currently doing the creative services work for the app and utilizes several interesting design features, including embedded videos and an Overlay Layer. Who from your company manages the content creation and workflow for the app? Can you walk us through that process?

We have an in-house art department who manages the layout of each issue for the print house. Once they have the final copy from editorial, they lay out the various articles and portfolio tables in InDesign. The videos are produced by another in-house team for use on our website and in the app; these executive summary videos provide an overview of the issue and anything our readers should be aware of.  The app was a natural progression as we were already creating the content, layout and multimedia for our print and web components. With mag+ creative services we only need to pass along the InDesign files and videos we already produce and then manage each issue as an in-app purchase with Apple.

6. Why did you decide to go with mag+ for this project?

Adobe DPS and mag+ both came highly recommended from other small publishers we spoke with. mag+ offered the best tools and services for us to get up and running quickly, using our existing production infrastructure, as well as very competitive pricing. The mag+ Subscription API is also appealing for us as we eventually plan to integrate the app with our in-house fulfillment system and order forms.