Restaurant Solutions Product Guide

Smart enterprises are mobilizing their sales force using mag+ to design cost-effective, digital product guides that captivate potential clients and drive revenue.

Presentations become crisp, lightweight, and optimized for personalized messaging — by quickly transitioning their pitch with a few taps — rather than thumbing through cumbersome slide decks.

San Jamar, a leading provider for restaurant products, witnessed these improvements first-hand by creating Restaurant Solutions using the mag+ platform. They came wanting a B2B sales tool that matches their innovative line of “new ideas for food safety, counter service and washroom products,” to distance themselves from competitors.



Working with creative communications company, Anthologie Inc., San Jamar created their own digital brochure that empowers their sales team to show off a variety of products without lugging around costly printed materials, which most sales people never actually use.

Check out this quick demo:

In-app Features:

Open Restaurant Solutions to unveil a lovely birds-eye view of a 3D display restaurant. A single tap triggers HTML animations that swoop from room-to-room. Users click through each product, as they would appear in the kitchen, washroom, bar and self-serving station. Tapping individual products pulls up vivid descriptions and videos for an in-depth look.

By going the extra mile, Anthologie Inc., creates a pleasing sales experience that keeps San Jamar clients engaged. This easy-to-use mobile product guide enables their team to swiftly adjust their messaging to individual clients generating a personalize touch that drives home revenue.

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