Volvo FH Series Product Guide

When a company has a high-end and complex product, nothing is more useful to help explain the product to potential customers than an interactive mobile app. Corporations around the globe are creating mobile enterprise apps that can be distributed both internally and externally. Volvo is a brand that has done a fantastic job of taking advantage of mobile publishing.  I recently caught up with the team from Cordovan Communications; the creators of Volvo’s interactive product guide which is available on the iPad, to learn more about how and why it was created. Volvo_FH_iPad_Cover_made_with_mag+2

The interactive product guide is for the Volvo FH , which is a heavy truck range produced by Swedish Volvo Truck Corporation. The product itself is a front high cab with a luxurious cab, and an extremely well designed and cutting edge engine.

The team that created the Volvo FH app, Cordovan Communications, had already designed the print version of the Volvo FH product guide in InDesign. Continuing to work with InDesign seemed like a natural choice, and the mag+ layer function was extremely appealing to the team, as they liked the ability to slide one layer over the other, creating aesthetically pleasing possibilities as well as functional possibilities.

The app has been translated into twenty-nine different languages, and published globally. It is used by Volvo sales representatives during presentations to help inspire, explain technical details, and show the various options and configurations. This app is packed with well-executed interactive elements – see the highlights video at the end of this post for examples.

Volvo now allows current customers, potential customers and sales representatives access to download this enterprise app in the App Store. They also created a unique version of the app for the visitors at the IAA Truck show in Hannover in September of 2012 when the Volvo FH was revealed. The visitors used the app frequently. It was entertaining, packed with many interesting innovations, but also explained the complex details of the Volvo FH giving visitors a complete picture of the brand new truck.

As promised, here is a highlight video giving you a peek into the beautifully designed Volvo FH app.