Merchant Warehouse Mobile Sales Support Tools

Have you ever wondered how a corporation can use digital publishing to increase sales? Merchant Warehouse, the leading provider of payment technologies and merchant services has done just that. The brand’s flagship technology solution, Genius™ Customer Engagement Platform™, allows customers to take advantage of a full range of mobile devices. The product itself is extremely technical. Knowing this, Merchant Warehouse created a custom enterprise mobile application for both iOS and Android tablets to serve as the backbone of its client education process.















The brand worked with CGI Interactive to design and develop the Genius App. The app requires an enterprise access code to download, which allows the sales team to grant access to existing and potential clients. The enterprise mobile application is used in the team’s daily sales activities, allowing the sales force to not just explain how the product works, but actually show how it works through an interactive presentation.


“The Genius app creates consistency around the presentation; ensuring that each demonstration of Genius is consistent and comprehensive in terms of addressing key value points.”


Jenn Reichenbacher, Director of Communications at Merchant Warehouse, goes on to explain that, “being able to tap your way through the product story is just clean, easy and impactful.”  Overall, the app has been well received by both customers and the Merchant Warehouse team. The Genius App is a fantastic example of how a corporation can use digital publishing to aid in sales focused initiatives and increase company efficiency. See the app in action in the video below.