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A digital publishing platform specifically developed for mobile publications

Create your next pixel perfect mobile app

Designd, our celebrated digital publishing software, covers every part of the e-publishing process. Design your periodical content using our Adobe InDesign plug-in and build your own mobile app.

Digital publishing with Designd

Create and publish your own, fully branded magazine, interactive e-catalogs, product brochures and so much more with Designd. A digital publishing platform, specifically developed for mobile publications. Our celebrated digital publishing software, Designd, covers every part of the e-publishing process.

Designd – the app and how it works

Designd is a plug in for Adobe InDesign. If you work in InDesign you already know how to work with this tool. There is no coding necessary, and the tool-set is free at Just design your layout like you usually do, or start from scratch. With Designd you can create magazines, reports, product presentations and so much more. Whatever you can imagine, you can build with mag+ Designd.

Thanks to built in marketing tools it´s easy to find your digital audience and your users patterns with a choice of powerful analytics packages. Without ever seeing a single line of code you can add interactivity, audio, video, slideshows and more to your phone- and tablet apps.

Create a magazine with Designed

With Designd you can create and publish your own, fully branded magazine on tablets and smartphones. With our digital magazine publishing solution there are endless possibilities. Designd is our completely branded app that helps you promote your own brand. The app works for any mobile device of your choice: iPad, iPhone, Android tablet/phone and Kindle Fire. Your Designd app can even be a new source of revenue thanks to in-app purchases and subscriptions.

Engage, notify and analyze your magazine readers

There are many ways to engage and notify your readers with our digital publishing app. You can publish targeted push notifications, add in-app messages or newsfeed items and send a message to subscribers or those who´ve used the app multiple times. You can gain more insight into the activity of your users thanks to our analytics service. That information will help you maximize your publications potential. Try our digital magazine publishing solution for free today!

Digital publishing with many solutions

Designd allows you to create and publish many different mobile publications. Find the one that fits your business needs the most.

If you wish to create digital brochures and guides, Mag+ Designd lets you create interactive e-brochures and digital guides, straight from Adobe InDesign. With Designd you can produce as much as you like for free and only pay when your published material hit the market.

You can also turn your catalog into an app! Designd digital catalog software lets you create interactive e-catalogs, product brochures, fashion look books and other retail material. With the advantage of a touch screen, instead of print, you can add video and audio, zooming, slideshows and 360-degrees product spins.

Open up a whole new world of possibilities by choosing digital publishing with Designd.

Start your digital publishing today!

Design in a familiar software

The Designd platform is a powerful plug-in for the Adobe InDesign software. Your existing team can create interactive, multimedia layouts native for the touchscreen.

Review instantly on your mobile device

Using wifi and the Designd app on your mobile device, you can see your designs in action instantly!

Build and distribute

When your designs are complete, you get your own fully branded app with analytics, messaging and more. Use our Designd digital publishing platform to distribute your app for public or internal use.

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