Create interactive e-catalogs, product brochures, fashion look books and other retail material with our digital catalog software. Use your Adobe InDesign workflow and simply upload, enhance and publish, and your e-catalog can be submitted to app stores online.



Quick ramp up, low cost

Using a platform means you leverage our expertise in mobile catalog publishing, with a quick ramp up, low cost to entry and no long-term maintenance headaches. You can produce as much as you like for free, pay only when you publish to the market. Also no cost-per download and no revenue sharing.

Show off your products – way better than print

  • Take advantage of the touchscreen and show off hi-resolution photos of your products.
  • Add zooming, slideshows and 360-degrees product spins
  • Products showcased in a digital catalog are “clickable and shippable”
  • Add video and audio with the push of a button
  • Embed files for easy offline use.

  • Enterprise (private) Distribution

    The apps can be distributed publicly or internally to your employees or sales organization and bypass the public marketplaces using Apple’s Enterprise license. You can use any Mobile Device Management or Mobile App Management solution you like to distribute the app.

    Learn about your users behavior

    Keep an eye on user behaviors and other valuable intel with our best-in-class analytics services: Omniture, Localytics, Flurry and Google.

    Deliver real-time offerings and deals

    Make your interactive catalog invaluable to your users by using our targeted messaging capabilities, that enable you to send specific messages to customers or employees based on their location or even what actions they’ve taken. Announce new products and deliver real-time notifications offering product discounts and deals!

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