Publish your own, fully branded magazine on tablets and smartphones with our digital magazine publishing solution. Mag+ Designd works with software you already know – InDesign – transforming your digital magazine with pixel-perfect, rich interactivity that plays perfectly across a broad range of devices, all packaged within an app.



Promote your brand

Get your own completely branded app for the mobile devices of your choice: iPad, iPhone, Android tablet/phone and Kindle Fire. That app is the hub through which you serve all of your interactive magazine content.

Sell your magazine

Thanks to in-app purchases and subscriptions, your mobile magazine app becomes a new source of revenue.

Engage and notify your readers

Create a connection with your digital magazine readers by publishing targeted push notifications to let them know about a new issue or add in-app messages or newsfeed items in your app. Send a message only to subscribers, or only to those who’ve used the app multiple times. Create recurring campaigns and automate your communications.


With our analytics services you can now gain even more insight into the activity of your users. Maximize your publications potential by learning about; on page visits, time spent, search topics, user navigation, content shares and more.

Multiple issues in one app

Your magazine app has a built-in library, where users can access and manage multiple issues or documents – all in your branded app. Users can archive issues to free up space, and you can offer subscriptions, single-issue purchases or free downloads.

Connect to your database

With our database connection, publishers can integrate their app with an existing database of users or print subscribers.

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