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mag+ makes it easy to publish your content to your white-label app. From text to video to interactive elements, no matter the source, the mag+ software lets you bring your content to life on tablets and phones with no coding and no hassles.

Fully customizable
interactive designs

Compatibility with Android
and Apple devices

Public distribution
to the major app marketplaces

Fully embedded HTML

Targeted messaging and
push notifications

In-app purchases and subscription

How does mag+ helps

mag+ is a powerful plug-in for Adobe InDesign, one of the most widely used publishing softwares. mag+ extends the capabilities of Adobe InDesign to small screen devices, such as cell phones and tablets.

mag+ lets you add rich media interactivity and multimedia layouts to static print content, making it visually appealing and providing an enriching experience for the end user. Examples include adding videos, slideshows, image sequences, multiple types of pop-ups, and interactive tables of contents.

mag+ is a one-stop solution for analytics, ad-based monetization, notifications, subscription-based content management, and individual content delivery.

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