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The best magazines in the industry are using Mag+ to engage their audience on iPads.

The first magazine ever released on the iPad was created with Mag+. From Popular Science and New York Magazine to Shape, Maxim and many branded magazines, hundreds of companies are using Mag+ to publish on iPads. Our digital publishing tools help brands release issues, manage subscribers seamlessly, and measure engagement. Join the most prestigious magazines in the industry. Download the Mag+ tools and start publishing your magazine on the Apple iPad today.

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Get Immersed with the Premier Guitar Digital Magazine App

Reading magazines just got more fun! Customers can experience Premier Guitar Magazine on a different level with their mobile app. Premier Guitar publishes magazines for guitar aficionados with the latest reviews of guitar products and more. The digital magazine provides entertaining  details and interactive experiences to help enhance the magazine reading experience. See how the …

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Way to go Room Design Magazine for iPad

Far too often, tablet magazines are simply exact copies of the print edition served up as static PDFs that aren’t taking full advantage of the world of interactive potential that tablets afford. Thankfully, that’s changing and ROOM Diseño is a great example. With two years of experience and six printed editions, they are now taking …

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Investment Europe Magazine re-launches on the iPad

Mostly whenever digital publishing and tablet magazines are talked about, people think about popular titles like Wired and Popular Science. While consumer tablet magazines are interesting, B2B magazines for tablets are also thriving and are doing a great job. Investment Europe, a leading magazine for fund selectors and investment professionals across Europe, is one example. …

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The Crafty Swedes – iPad Magazine

Apps make every part of our lives easier. The very fact that one can find mobile apps for crafters shows just how digital our generation has become. Whether you’re into making brilliant bats from toilet paper rolls, mailboxes from cereal boxes, or a Christmas troll (or three) there are plenty of apps for crafty minds …

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A new type of iPad Magazine – the Mappgazine!

What do you get if you combine a map, an app and a magazine? A Mappgazine - or if you wish, a very nicely curated magazine-style city guide of Madrid. As much as L’Almendra is a city guide of Madrid, it also provides an interesting magazine style experience, featuring different downtown routes in Madrid with … Read More »

The Unlimited Magazine: An Inspired iPad and iPhone App

The Unlimited Magazine on the iPad or iPhone is not a magazine. It is an experience. The creative minds behind the brand have done some extremely cutting-edge design. The team uses videos to give movement to each digital page. This video shows highlights of the volume 4. Read More »

Arizona Alumni iPad Magazine

The University of Arizona, located in Tucson, Arizona, has been printing Arizona Alumni magazine for years. But with so many people purchasing iPads and consuming their content through iPad apps and magazines, the school recently launched Arizona Alumni iPad Magazine, now available in iTunes! Created on the mag+ platform, the magazine is very well designed … Read More »

Kashi Ad with Gaming Component in iPad Magazine

SHAPE is an iPad magazine created with mag+ that gives expert style advice for your body type, confidence-boosting beauty solutions, the latest diet and nutrition news, workouts that really work, plus the best ideas for healthy living! This video shows how Kashi has taken advantage of the interactive advertising capabilities available through mag+. Read More »

Kashi Interactive Ad in SHAPE iPad Magazine

As Gregg Hano, CEO of mag+, mentioned in Digital Magazine Publishers and Advertising 2013, “2012 was a year that digital content creation captured the attention of marketers.” Boy was that the truth! Digital content creation is on the rise, new apps are being created at a rapid pace, and readers are falling more in love …

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iPad Magazines with animated covers

One of the first impressions that strikes anyone browsing among iPad Magazines for the first time is the animated covers. It’s a WOW experience that would never be possible to get near with a print magazine. This video shows the animated cover of The Next Web’s first issue of their iPad Magazine.

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