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Is iPhone Digital Publishing on the Rise?

It is no secret that consumers love their smartphones. In New York City, you rarely spot a commuter that can tear their eyes away from their mobile device. Reading a digital magazine, playing a mobile game, catching up on the news, or listening to your favorite podcast are all fantastic ways to pass commuting time. … Read More »

mag+ App Spotlight: Installation Magazine 20+20 Photography Issue

Installation Magazine is a digital publication that will be delivered to your iPad or iPhone each week, starting in January of 2013. Filled with interactive presentations of contemporary art, design, culture and fashion, this app intrigues the mind of serious art connoisseurs and casual photography followers alike. Installation Magazine takes iPad and iPhone publishing to …

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British Journal of Photography for iPhone

A quick walkthrough of what a magazine for the iPhone can look like, when it’s made with mag+ free tools. Read more and download British Journal of Photography

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TNW’s iPhone app demonstrates a great example of how to optimize for the smaller screen

Hundreds of leading publishers already use mag+ to create top-selling magazine apps, easily optimized for iPad, Kindle Fire and Android tablets. Now these same publishers – and many more seeking a wider audience – can also capture their share of an Apple and Android smartphone audience of more than 1 billion people. The Next Web …

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New Black for iPhone

New Black sells t-shirts and hoodies in their iPhone app. We think this is a great example where iPhone publishing meets m-commerce.

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ICON Global for iPhone

ICON Global is a digital magazine made specifically for the iPhone using mag+ free tools.

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