Localytics Raises $35 Million to Take App Analytics to the Next Level

Congrats to mag+ partner Localytics, a marketing and analytics platform for apps. Localytics secured a $35 million round in Series D funding to further develop its predictive analytics offerings.  To learn more about how Localytics works in 90 seconds, watch the intro video on their homepage here.

Localytics offers a free trial and its professional plan is free for fewer than 10,000 users. Best of all, mag+ users get a special offer: Six months of analytics and marketing services for the cost of analytics alone! Visit localytics.com to learn more and sign up.

At mag+, we truly believe creating an app without analyzing performance is like cooking spaghetti and throwing it against a wall to see if it sticks. You are simply guessing, and there is no reason for that.

You don’t want to be the company or developer who builds an app that consumers open once and then forget.  “Twenty percent of users never come back to an app after the first session,” CEO Raj Aggarwal told VentureBeat.

Tools like Localytics make it dead simple for you to both visualize performance on any aspect of your app and create campaigns to keep your audience engaged.

What should you measure?  Well, that really depends on the goals for your app, or the marketing campaign within an app, but taking a retail product catalog for example, you must go beyond subscriber numbers and customer acquisition. While developing your app, also make a plan for desired pathways and conversion points along the way.

For example, if you have created videos or clickable, swipeable features to enliven your content, you will want to set up analytics to measure who touched what, whether they realized they should be clicking, what videos were viewed and for how long, and of course who made purchases or where they dropped out of the process.

Using a platform like Localytics allows you to identify who exited and where. Then you can use the data you’ve collected to make changes in your app or create special campaigns to reach those people with an offer that will appeal to them. Whether you send push notifications, in-app messaging or email marketing, Localytics is doing everything in their power to make data actionable.

For BtoB, if you have a sales app you can use analytics to see how your sales team gets through the presentation. Which slides have the longest dwell time? Which paths in the presentation are often ignored? In-app analytics can help you release stronger revisions by dropping the content that just isn’t used while bulking up the parts that interest potential customers most.

VentureBeat reports Localytics will use this new funding to help marketers stop “churn,” with a new predictive marketing feature, which will help tell you which customers likely to bail and which are more likely to buy.

mag+ customers have been benefitting from in-app analytics and marketing campaigns with Localytics for years now. It is always exciting to see a partner we consider so valuable get the recognition it deserves.  Localytics currently works with 6,000 customers, including some of the biggest brands in the world.  To see CEO Raj Aggarwal discuss the company and its offerings, check out the video below.