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Digital publishing software makes it easy to make a mobile app for iPads, iPhones, Androids and Kindle devices.

Make your mobile app with the Mag+ tools and release it to app stores internationally - no coding required. The Mag+ app making software is flexible enough to help app makers create anything from shoppable e-catalogs to product guides, travel guides, or internal communications tools for mobile devices. Want to learn more about how to make an app? Visit the Mag+ Make an App Resource Center. When you’re ready to get started download the Mag+ tools and check out our pricing section for more information about the license that works best for you.

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5 Ways to Rejuvenate Your Entrepreneurial Spirit This Summer

Ahhh, late summer. For most kids, these are the last halcyon days of summer break. For entrepreneurs, it is the midpoint of the fiscal year. You are matching your business projections to what your actual profits are, paying quarterlies in the U.S., considering hiring, firing, looking for new clients, and maybe, just maybe, you find …

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5 Clever Ways to Use the Overlay When Designing Mobile Apps

mag+ is built to create digital, touchscreen-native content, so we're always eager to introduce features that allow our users designing mobile apps to move away from the typical front-to-back document or issue. That led to one of our most unique features: the overlay layer. Basically, this is a content layer that sits on top of … Read More »

Keeping Your “Eye” on the Future of Creating Mobile Apps

Do you have a futurist on your team? Maybe its time to assign one. Before we all get too comfortable creating mobile apps that engage people on a smartphone or a tablet, wait, there is more.  Gartner predicts that in as little as four years, “mobile applications will be one of the most popular computing …

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Designing Mobile Apps – Life Beyond the Swipe

One of the things I get most excited about in this job is watching our clients push the boundaries of what can be done with our platform, and providing them tools to do just that. About a year ago, we introduced the ability to disable the thumbnail “scrubber” navigation tool, as well as the ability …

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Add 3D Objects to your mag+ Issue!

One thing we’ve learned about designing mobile apps for touchscreen devices is that people love to touch objects—the 3D rotation remains not only a cool effect, but a really valuable editorial tool for conveying information about a product. Moreover, when used in an advertising context, 3D product views can be used to create some of …

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Take Your Design Brain to the Touch Canvas Webinar

In this recording of September 19th’s webinar, take your design brain to the touch canvas, mag+ Creative Director, Matt Cokeley, walks viewers through best practices and tips on how to develop mobile apps. Click to see design examples, and learn the best way to organize your workflow. Read More »

Designing Mobile Apps: A Lesson on Layers

Designing mobile apps with the infinite canvas of a tablet or smartphone can often feel like you are artfully solving a puzzle. One of the most effective features of the mag+ toolset is the template containing predefined layers. mag+ gives designers three main layers to work with. B-Slides: Main Content Layer This is the main …

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It’s 1948 Again – Time to Invest?

I loved Mark Walsh’s piece yesterday, “App Revenue To Hit $27 Billion in 2013.” As we all know, this is just the beginning of the migration of content to tablets and smartphones! According to Research & Markets Mobile Applications Futures 2013-2017, the cumulative number of apps downloaded between 2008 and 2012 was 83 billion; in 2013 alone, …

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Rotate for Another Language with Dual Layout Feature

Many of our clients are starting to use Dual Layout to create mobile applications. With this new feature you can design one piece of content for portrait, and display a completely new piece of content when the user rotates the device to landscape. By the Bottle, a lifestyle magazine for wine lovers, took advantage of … Read More »

Creating a mobile app to boost the passion for the game

With the 2013 French Open riling up tennis fans until June 9th, we thought it was the perfect time to have a quick chat with our new client SW19 Members Club, a worldwide virtual tennis community. SW19 Members Club has recently created a mobile app of the SW19 Members Club Magazine, which is the brainchild … Read More »

Street Fashion with WeSC’s New Mobile Applications

If you’re into street fashion you need to talk the talk, and walk the walk. What better way to do that than with an iPad and iPhone magazine filled with fashion from one of the hottest street fashion companies in the world – WeAretheSuperlativeConspiracy (WeSC). WeSC chose to create the mobile applications –The Superlative Conspiracy …

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5 Tips for Marketing Your Mobile Applications

Do you have a great idea for an app, but don’t know where to start? Or perhaps you have already started to create mobile applications, but need to spread the word? Wherever you are in the process, ensuring that your app is a success often depends on how well it is marketed. With 18.67 billion …

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mag+ Reviewer App Features

The mag+ Reviewer app is a beautiful thing. It’s the piece of the mag+ system that lets you guarantee your users will have a great experience. It’s a free app – available for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire – that allows you to instantly review your mag+ layouts or issues directly on your device, from …

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mag+ App Spotlight: Scrawl Magazine

Scrawl is a new digital illustration magazine created for the iPad. The digital magazine was created to serve as a platform for artists, giving them the opportunity to create and share their work with others. The pilot issue, created with mag+, won the grand prize for the mag+ “Magnify your world contest”, along with the …

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A Case for Creativity: The V&A on Creating a Mobile App

The Victoria & Albert Museum, has been a favorite of Londoners, and others, since it was founded in 1852. This museum prides itself on making works of art available to all. The museum touches many art genres from pop-culture and fashion, to ancient sculpture and architecture. Creating a mobile app for one of the worlds …

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4.1 Features Webinar

Design your own iPad, Kindle Fire, and Android apps with mag+ and let the new 4.1 features help to make your publication beautiful. This webinar video will walk you through all of the new 4.1 features. Start designing today! Read More »