Mobile app publishing 3.2 is here!

We’re very excited to announce the 3.2 release mobile app publishing platform. This update brings a lot of cool stuff that really expands the opportunity for designers and publishers to get their creative out there in stunning, audience-wowing ways. Here are some of the highlights.

First and foremost is our support for the retina iPad. As I argued in an earlier blog post, this device is an amazing gift to the content creators who use a platform like ours because they want to present beautiful custom designed material on tablets. The print-like resolution, the stunning color space—your stuff is going to look incredible on the new iPad, and I think it will really raise the bar for immersive digital content.

Of course now that there are two iPads, it means two different issue files. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to make them: just build your content with enough resolution for the retina (266ppi) and you can simply export once for iPad and once for retina iPad. After you upload both files to the backend, Publish, it will intelligently deliver the right file to the right device. You can read more about making retina MIBs here.

Kindle Fire, photo by Kodomut on Flickr

But this release is not only retina. We’re also now announcing support for Kindle Fire. That means you can build your Mag+ issues on a template optimized for that size (1024×600 pixels; 164ppi) and take advantage of all the great Mag+ features: video, dual-layers, etc, to create an app that Fire users will really see value in because it won’t look like something that was simply squished down from the iPad. And the Fire app will have support for Amazon’s ecommerce system so you can sell issues and subscriptions. The 3.2 download includes support for Fire output in the plug-in and templates for it, and our Fire Reviewer app is with Amazon for approval now. The Fire reader app will be available in a couple of weeks.

We’re also announcing with this release Mag+ for the iPhone! In June, we’ll be releasing creative tools and a reader app that allow you to make Mag+ content specifically for the tens of millions of people using that mobile device. We can’t wait to see what you make for that space and how you creatively use all the Mag+ features on that canvas: magazines released in parts, mini-catalogs with ecommerce—the possibilities are endless.

Finally I don’t want to skip a couple of small but very cool things we squeezed in here: Now you can create a dual-layer layout, but disable the ability of the user to double-tap and turn off the A layer. Having that dual-layer canvas is a great creative tool, but sometimes you don’t want to worry about filling every spot on a background layer or have people double-tap and see white space—this gets around that.

And for the marketing folks, we’ve also expanded our “inclusive issue” feature. You’ve always been able to check a box in Publish that will allow anyone who downloads your mobile app for the first time to get the latest paid issue for free—now you will be able to select any issue as the “inclusive” issue. That means that you could, for instance, give any new user a back issue for free as a sample, and you can change that “inclusive” issue any time without an app update.

Any questions around this release? Check out our ever-growing support site, with new articles, forums and Q&A’s any time.

(Photo of Kindle Fire, “Typing”, by Kodomut on Flickr)

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