Mobile Empowerment – Overcome the Fear and Unlock Mobile’s Value

IMG_7660-2While it may be an extremely prevalent channel in daily content consumption, ‘mobile’ can still seem daunting to many businesses. Do I need to have coding skills? Do I need to be a developer? Is it too expensive to be worthwhile? The answer to all of the above is no.


From the perspective of an agency, you might also ask, how will I measure the app’s success and ROI? The key to building an app without the hassle is to find a solution that works for you and makes the most of the assets and the skills you and your client already possess. Combine that with the means to measure data, CTR’s and user behavior at little to no additional cost, and you have a pretty good fit.

Whether to invest in a mobile strategy or not is no longer a focus for businesses. The pressing question is what to do to ensure your mobile strategy stands out from the crowd. Making a robust enterprise app with mag+ is a low-risk, tangible way to boost your client’s brand presence or internal communication strategy. With years of experience in the industry; we tackle all aspects of the app creation process. Some might call it a no-brainer…

mag+ is flexible – with a wide variety of existing use cases, there is no limit to what you can create on the platform. Working to build a mobile app is a savvy way to maximize the value of existing assets. From interactive annual reports and cutting edge sales tools to a host of internal communications and magazine apps, the mag+ tools can build it all.

Our Product Director, Brett Sandusky, recently presented at the Digital Agency Masterclassing event in New York. Brett spoke about “Finding Your Value in Mobile”, while he and Account Executive Brett Hoffman, led a series of roundtable discussions after the presentations. We uploaded Brett’s presentation to Slideshare where it is available for you to view now! Be sure to check out the events section of our website to keep track of what we will be attending in the next few months. We would love to to see you in person!