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6 Things Readers Want in a Digital Magazine

We’re six years into the iPad era, the age that should have been the start of a massive shift to digital magazines. It turned out not to be so straightforward. It’s taking publishers and big platforms a bit of time to get their bearings and figure out what makes digital work. We think you can …

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Crafting Non-pushy Push Notifications

  Push notifications are a great way to remind your audience not only that your app exists, but that it’s chock full of awesome. That said, writing a good push notification can be tricky. You’ve only got about 100 characters to work with. If your message is intrusive or pushy, you could lose audience. They …

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Get Immersed with the Premier Guitar Digital Magazine App

Reading magazines just got more fun! Customers can experience Premier Guitar Magazine on a different level with their mobile app. Premier Guitar publishes magazines for guitar aficionados with the latest reviews of guitar products and more. The digital magazine provides entertaining  details and interactive experiences to help enhance the magazine reading experience. See how the …

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JORNL – a new mobile magazine made for active men

If you’re the kind of person who can’t sit still, who loves travel, loves fitness and sports and if you read Russian – then JORNL, a new Russian app magazine, might be worth checking out. And it’s free on both iTunes App Store and Google Play. The magazine is made for active men, that can’t …

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