Moving Beyond Magazine Publishing – New Features for Developing Interactive Mobile Apps

Navigate with Jump Links, Pinch & Zoom, Panning and Dual Layout  


mag+ today released several enhancements to its creative toolset for designing digital content apps for touchscreen devices. These new features give designers more freedom to develop digital content, including the ability to make apps that don’t look like magazines at all. Other additions include pinch and zoom functions, panning and dual layout options, support for the Kindle Fire HD 8.9-inch and Google Nexus 10, and more options for packaging subscriptions and single issues.

“This release is really about making mag+ faster and easier to use for all our clients, and to expand the value of the platform to serve the needs of apps that fall outside of traditional publishing. For instance, by turning off swiping and just using tap navigation to move around, suddenly you can create any content-based app using only InDesign,” says Chief Creative Officer Mike Haney. “You no longer have to create apps that mimic magazines.”

New Features Explained:

Navigate with Jump Links: mag+ now allows designers to disable the scrubber, disable horizontal scrolling and navigate only with jump links. This makes mag+ an excellent option for app developers who want to make a content-based app without coding using the simple InDesign toolset and our highly customizable white label reader app.

Pinch and Zoom: With today’s brilliant retina screens, the ability to zoom into a photo’s detail can be a great way to enhance a story. Instead of creating these in HTML and embedding, it can now be done through the mag+ plugin.

Panning: mag+ provides a native free-scrolling layer on which to place content, but sometimes designers want to have content scroll or pan inside of a frame on the layout. Panning is another feature that was once only possible with embedded HTML, but is now a simple checkbox in the plug-in. By making it faster and easier to incorporate these features, we’re freeing the designer to spend more time being creative.

Dual Layout: mag+ has always offered designers the advantage of doing one layout to support both orientations. With Dual Layout, you can now create a different layout to load when a user turns the device—to show a full crop of a photo for instance, or to reveal hidden content.

Issue Control: New settings let you decide whether any published issue should be included or excluded from various subscriptions. This lets publishers create “super subscriptions” that include exclusive access to special issues, or to create issues that go only to one platform.

Kindle and other support:mag+ now offers support for the Kindle Fire HD 8.9-inch and will very soon offer support for the Google Nexus 10.

More details on the complete set of feature additions can be found here:



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