International Fashion Blog launches as Weekly Magazine

C Mode by published with mag+ production suite

NEW YORK, LONDON, STOCKHOLM –Aug 18th 2011 – This week Stockholm-based Boom Publishing, a new content- development group from Bonnier Magazines, launched its first digital-only weekly magazine – C Mode by A fast, fun and up-to-date review of the fashion world offering readers inspired and curated shopping.

The C Mode iPad app is based on the renowned blog by Swedish fashion blogger Caroline Blomst, who has a large, international and fashion-savvy audience.

C Mode was created with the mag+ production suite, a digital publishing platform that is designed to offer creative and cost-effective solutions for publishing on touchscreen tablet devices. The mag+ system was built to be easy-to-learn, flexible to use, and includes the mag+ Feature Builder – a free web-based tool that lets designers build HTML elements without touching any code.

“C Mode is a great example of what’s possible when you have a simple and creative way to publish for tablets, like mag+,” says Mike Haney, US Director, mag+. “You can take the visually rich material from a blog and using In-Design turn it into a truly immersive and stunning experience. Plus, the Feature Builder allows designers to enhance that experience with interactivity and motion that creates something even richer than a blog or a traditional magazine. We’re really excited to see clients like Caroline and Boom pushing the tablet media boundaries—visually and editorially.”

“I’m really excited about C Mode, which contains the best from my blog presented in a very visually appealing and quick way,” says Caroline Blomst. “It’s great to see the blog take the shape of a digital magazine, which gives the content a fresh look and really showcases the images to their full potential.”









C Mode is available initially for the iPad and sold through the iTunes app store. A single issue will cost $0.99 and a one-month subscription is $2.99. A version for Android 3.0 will be released later in the fall.

Click here for an inside look at the C Mode app.