mag+ Expands Mobile Publishing Platform to Include Support for the Retina Display iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire and Seven-Inch Android Devices

April 11, 2012mag+ today expanded its game-changing mobile publishing platform to allow creatives and publishers to develop digital content specifically designed for the newest iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire and additional Android devices. The company has also announced several updates for its iOS creative tools.

iPad publishers can now create content specifically for the native 2048×1536 resolution of the new retina display rather than scaling up content that was developed for previous iPad versions. Once a design is complete, mag+ allows users to export to any format – or formats – they like with just a few mouse clicks. In the case of multiple formats, mag+ will automatically deliver the right version to the right device.

“People who want to understand just how different the new iPad really is need only spend a few moments with a magazine created for its native resolution,” said CEO, Staffan Ekholm. “Text is tack sharp and images are so vibrant it feels like you can dive right in.”

The April issue of Mad Magazine, which debuted this month among the top five best sellers on Apple’s App Store, became the first publication to take advantage of the new mag+ platform. Popular Science, which was launched along with the original iPad two years ago, will also be available in high definition from the April 2012 issue and many others are soon to follow.

The new iPhone reader app will be available in June; select beta customers will launch the first mag+ iPhone apps in May. A Kindle Fire reader app, which includes Amazon e-commerce support, a 1024×600 development template and reviewer app will be available in mid-April, along with support for other 1024×600 Android tablets. All new platforms conform to the mag+ pricing structure, which allows custom branded apps to be published for as little as $199.

“As the tablet and smart phone markets continue to evolve, we’re seeing different devices used in very different ways,” said Ekholm. “By offering development tools for a wide array of devices, we’re giving our customers a variety of canvases and more avenues for creative expression. Some will simply scale their work to fit the various screen sizes, which is now quite easy to do. Others will take a unique approach to each based on how they are most commonly used. That’s where things will get interesting.”

iOS Environment Changes

Several tweaks have also been made to the iOS environment. These include:

  • Tappable covers in the store and library (in process)
  • Promotional in-app store banners open links via the in-app browser
  • Double tap option which removes text layer can be disabled
  • InDesign CS6 support available at launch
  • Ability to select a free inclusive issue with the app download