mag+ Reviewer App now available in iTunes App Store

mag+ allows creatives to share their work live, in review

One of mag+’s most powerful features — the mag+ Reviewer App — is now even more readily available to designers via the iTunes App Store. This latest move, taking the Reviewer App to the key hub of iTunes, will boost access dramatically, and is expected to further the popularity of mag+ among creatives.

Enabling designers to push their mag+ layouts directly to an iPad for real time review, the mag+ Reviewer App also showcases some of the best content built on the mag+ platform.

Moving Media+’s flagship product mag+ ( was released as a free software bundle last month, allowing all publishers to take their titles on to tablet format. The mag+ Reviewer App allows instant reviewing of layouts, issues and parts of issues on any iPad while working with the content.

While creating content, designers simply hit the “Review” button to instantly review the layout on their iPad. Layouts and issues can also be easily sent to any iPad, so editors and stakeholders can review and comment.

Staffan Ekholm, CEO of Moving Media+ says: “The production environment for mag+ software is one of its primary advantages. Combining great flexibility with easy, intuitive tools, creating digital magazines is not only fast, it’s fun. By going in to the iTunes store, we are taking this free app direct to designers – making our product even more attractive and accessible to the creative community.

“The mag+ Reviewer App lets designers experiment as much as they like, confident that they’re delivering the actual in-hand experience readers will have. No desktop simulation can match the precision of a touch screen review.”

The mag+ Reviewer App contains free sample pages from some of the leading digital magazines built on the mag+ platform, including Popular Science+, Transworld Snowboarding+, and other examples of publishers pushing the boundaries of digital design.

How It Works:

mag+ uses a simple Adobe InDesign plug-in that talks directly to this Reviewer app. You can build magazines, catalogues, books, brochures, or any other publication. By pushing a button, it exports the layout in a fully iPad-optimised format to the Reviewer App over a wireless network. Use this app to try out the system, get creative and show your digital publishing ideas in a fully-functional way. When you’re ready to publish to the world, go to and contact our sales team to buy and produce your branded reader app, just like Popular Science+, Popular Photography+ or dozens of other mag+ publications.

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