Tablet technology to excite a renaissance in consumer magazine publishing

LONDON, March 22, 2011 – Tablets will lead to a renaissance in consumer magazine publishing, mag+ CEO Staffan Ekholm says.

Ekholm delivers his outlook to media chiefs from News International, Bloomberg, Businessweek, and Facebook, among others, when he joins the keynote panel debate at the Guardian Changing Media Summit (March 23-24) this week. The panel will look at making money in modern media, particularly in the context of taking magazines on to tablets.

“Tablet sales are soaring. It is predicted that around 21 million tablets will be sold this year* and that in the US alone one third of online consumers will be using tablets by 2015**,” Ekholm says. “Our tablet mags invoke a new, intimate, aspirational, even enchanting relationship between readers and magazines. Such highly valuable relationships will be monetised through glamorous, interactive display ads, just as compelling – and lucrative to media owners and brands – as content in any channel”.

“We’re extremely confident the technology allows publishers and their creative agencies to take full advantage of the tablet’s mobility and interactivity, breathing much needed new life into the magazine sector.”

Moving Media+’s flagship product, mag+ is the original iPad magazine publishing platform, live with Popular Science+ from the day the iPad launched, earning wide praise from customers and the design and media press, as well as being widely featured in Apple’s own marketing, including its web and TV commercials.

“Publishers are getting stuck on questions of Apple’s charges, paywalls and dwindling ad revenues. Instead, they should be driving their most creative talent on to tablets, making the best use of this technology to re-ignite their relationships with readers. With all the possibilities of tablets at their disposal, magazines will be transformed into something breathtaking for readers,” says Ekholm.

“For advertisers, imagine being able to personalise interactive ads to your reader, based on gender and geography, really taking advantage of the intimacy in the reading experience that tablets can create?”


Notes to Editors

*ABI Research, June 2010

** Forrester

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