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College Publications That
Captivate Your Campus

Communicate with students and alumni on the devices they already use! With mag+, you can distribute your college marketing materials and team brochures through a mobile app for your school.

Alumni Magazines

The University of Arizona lowered its print and distribution costs while increasing its touch-points for alumni by creating an interactive digital magazine for tablets.

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Admissions Brochures

Create a connection with prospective students on the mobile devices they already use by putting admissions materials in a mag+ app. Add maps, contact forms, and even current campus news to make students feel like part of the campus no matter where they are.

University Athletics

Connect students and alumni to your school’s sports teams by designing and distributing team programs or athletic guides to mobile devices. With mag+, you can easily include game


Student Portfolios

Want to really make an impression in that job interview? Send your prospective employer your own personal app showcasing a portfolio of your work. Whether you’re showcasing photos, journalism, digital design, or even websites, a mag+ app is an inexpensive way to help you stand out from the crowd.