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Digital Catalogs

Famous Footwear created its seasonal Stylezine with mag+ to let customers browse and shop from its full collection of shoes on a native iPad app. Best of all, every single pair is “clickable and shippable.


Contact your magazine readers more frequently with mag+’s app creation and distribution software! Use your existing design tools and the mag+ InDesign Plug-In to add interactive elements to your current print content. Segment your readers and deliver highly relevant articles to their tablets and smartphones.

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Sales Materials

Use our mobile publishing software to replace cumbersome sales documents with a mobile app that quickly delivers up-to-date and engaging materials to the devices your reps are already using. With mag+, you can distribute your sales apps to the app store of your choice or privately to members of your enterprise.

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mag+’s mobile publishing software helps you create personal connections with your audience. Showcase your brand through today’s technology. Send targeted messaging through push notifications, and create multiple feedback loops to learn what your audience truly wants.

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Guides & Brochures

Take advantage of mag+’s software to give your product or service the ultimate showcase in a powerful native app. Beautiful layout and natural interactivity drive longer dwell times and lasting interest. Add direct feedback, sharing, and even purchasing.

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Our software for digital catalog publishing brings your products to life. With mag+, you can create custom catalogs with 360-degree rotations, slideshows, and interactivity to give customers every incentive they need to click “buy.”

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Internal Communications

Create a personal and instant connection with your employees where they live: on their mobile devices. Use mag+’s digital publishing software to distribute your app internally and send personalized content by region or division.

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Deliver the latest campus news and scores to the mobile devices of your school’s community. Use mag+’s mobile publishing software to add rich media to admissions materials and personal messaging to specific segments of your campus audience.

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Power your client’s mobile strategy with mag+’s digital publishing software. Quickly create mobile apps for multiple clients. Create interactive designs for multiple devices, include e-commerce capabilities for clients looking for additional revenue streams, and utilize mag+’s automated production tools to maximize efficiency.

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