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Your Agency’s Secret Mobile Weapon

mag+ empowers partner agencies of all sizes to quickly build and deploy powerful content apps for your clients with tools your team already knows. Learn more about the partner program or take a look at some of the leading agencies using mag+ today.


As the largest independent content marketing agency in the nation, McMurry/TMG uses mag+ to create amazing content apps for such clients as WebMD and PetSmart.


Ogilvy Redworks

As the largest execution solution in the WPP network, Redworks uses mag+ to build apps that solve a wide variety of client needs, from marketing to event materials.


CGI Interactive

CGI Interactive, a leading digital presentation agency for more than twenty years, was an early adopter of mag+, creating groundbreaking apps for some of the biggest companies in the world, including EMC.


Dialect Inc.

Digital agency Dialect, Inc., creates visually stunning digital experiences from 3D apps to interactive magazines for such brands as The Sims and Wargaming.


Anthologie Inc.

Anthologie, Inc., the agency behind the gorgeous mag+ product guide for San Jamar, specializes in delivering practical, creative communications solutions for B2B companies committed to sustainability.