Requirements for Managed App Submission – Kindle Fire App

Managed App Submission is a service in which mag+ will take care of your app build and submission. You provide the assets—we build, upload and submit to the Amazon Marketplace. We cannot be responsible for any content-related rejections. We provide support until the app is live. All subsequent changes and updates are your responsibility (if you need help with that, you may purchase a one-hour training session, more on this here.

This document lists and explains all the information and assets that you’ll have to provide in order for us to complete the build for Kindle Fire submission.


Please allow one week from the time we receive all functional assets until you receive a test app (.apk). Once you approve the test app, we’ll submit to Amazon within two business days. Amazon does not give an exact time frame for how long it will take to review your app. On average, we’ve found that it takes at least a few days but could take up to a couple weeks to be approved.


• For public distribution: Register for an Amazon Developer Console account. Please see this link for more details.

• If you want to charge for your app or content within your app, you’ll need to setup a XXX Account. Read the information in this link for instructions.

• For internal distribution: If the app is to be distributed outside of the play store follow this link for more information on how to distribute the application.

A mag+ Publish Account. Contact Sales to set one up.

 If you are creating an app for a third party, you need to decide beforehand if the app is going to be published under your Amazon Marketplace publisher account or you clients account.


If you will distribute the application outside of Amazon Marketplace, you don’t have to provide all of the information and assets listed below.

• Not needed from list under required information:  X, X, X.
• Not needed from list under required images: X, X, X.


Items labeled with * can only be changed with an app update after submission.

1) Distribution model (Store or Internal)

2) Username and password for Amazon Marketplace publisher account (as mentioned above, see this link for more details)

3) *Name (“Display Title”) of the app as you want it to be seen in the Amazon Marketplace

4) *Name of the app as you want it to appear underneath the icon (12-16 characters)

5) Short description of the app as you want it to appear in Amazon Marketplace (Max of 1200 characters with spaces)

6) Long description of the app as you want it to appear in Amazon Marketplace (if different from the iOS description – max of 4000 characters with spaces)

7) Product feature bullets. Three to five concise app features, each on a new line. These product features will appear on the website. (ie: “• Interactive design”, “• Social sharing”, “• Integrated multimedia”, “• Subscriptions available”, etc)

8) Keywords. (Search terms used to increase the discoverability of your app.)

9) *Category you would like your app to appear in. Choose one of the following:

• Books & Comic
• City Info
• Communication
• Cooking • Education
• Entertainment
• Finance
• Games
• Health & Fitness
• Kids
• Lifestyle
• Magazines
• Music
• Navigation
• News & Weather
• Newspapers
• Novelty
• Photography
• Podcasts
• Productivity
• Real Estate
• Reference
• Ringtones
• Shopping
• Social Networking
• Sports
• Themes
• Travel
• Utilities
• Web Browsers

X 10) Content rating for your app. Moderate Occurs once or rarely and is not fundamental to the overall purpose and/or intent of the app. Strong occurs regularly and is fundamental to the overall purpose and/or intent of the app.

For Subject Matter, please choose ‘None’, ‘Moderate’ or ‘Strong’ for each of the following:

• Violence (Realistic Violence)
• Cartoon Violence (Cartoon or Fantasy violence)
• Drugs (Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use or References)
• Nudity
• Sex (Sexual and suggestive content)
• Intolerance (Any disparagement of race, creed, culture, or religion.)
• Profanity (Profanity or crude humor)
X • Academic (This application is for educational purposes). For this one, please answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No. ADD LINK

For Additional Information, please choose ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ for each of the following:

• Account creation or other personal information collected?
• Advertisements?
• Child Directed? (More on this here)
• Gambling?
• Location detection or Location Based Services?
• User Generated Content or User to User Communication?

11) Pricing of the app in the Amazon store (Free or paid). If paid, do you want your app eligible for the Free App of the Day program (FAD)? ADD LINK IF POSSIBLE

12) Customer support email address

13) Customer support phone number

14) Customer support website

15) Privacy Policy URL (Required if your app collects personal information) CONFIRM WITH ANDROID TEAM ON THIS

16) Name, length, short description, and price of subscription(s) to be included in the app. Also, please indicate in the description how often issues will be published.
*Please note subscriptions can be free.

Name: Annual Subscription
Description: Sign up for an annual subscription! Issues published monthly. (1200 characters max)
Length: 1 year
Price: $12.49

17) Name, description and price of issue(s) to be included in the app. In addition, you may choose to upload a free sample issue and a full price complete issue.
*Please note issues can be free.

Name: January 2014
Description: Read about werewolves and rabbits! (1200 characters max)
Price: $2.49


When creating icons and other app images, dpi settings in Photoshop have no impact on the image. Only the pixel dimensions are important. DPI in Photoshop can be set to 72.

18) Small icon (114 x 114px PNG with transparency)

19) Large icon (512 x 512px PNG with transparency)

20) Screenshots (800×1280 or 1280×800; minimum of 2, maximum of 10; PNG or JPEG (no alpha), full bleed, no border in art) Please note portrait or landscape orientation acceptable.

21) Cover image for first issue (PNG with a min width or height of 1024px, max ratio: 1:2 to 2:1)


22) Kindle/Android Help MIB ADD ALL OPTIONS
1280×800 required; 2560×1600 optional

X 23) Kindle Android Issue MIB ADD ALL OPTIONS
1280×800 required; 2560×1600 optional


24) Live button: YES or NO? The Live menu opens up a web browser window in the app. If you want this option, provide us with the URL you want the window to open to.

25) Enable Sharing: YES or NO? The sharing option gives your readers the option to email or Twitter directly from the app. If yes, please provide us with a default URL for shared stories (if not entered, the URL to the app in the App Store will be used. In addition, the URL can be customized per vertical in the InDesign plug-in).

26) Branding bar (656×192 PNG) Optional branding opportunity at top of left-hand app navigation tower (make this a brighter color – dark logos will be hard to see against the dark background).

27) Brand color (In either “RGB” format or “hexadecimal value“) This is used to tint various small UI elements in the app. This includes the scrubber slider, bookmark indicator when reading, the current vertical indicator in scrubber, etc. If you decide not to choose a custom color, then a default “blue” (R79 G158 B201 or #4f9ec9) will be used instead.

28) On Startup screen, please choose the screen to open by default when the user first launches the app:

• Issues
• My Account
• Live
• Help

29) Analytics type (optional): Flurry, Localytics, Omniture. Provide the analytics key for chosen service (and tracking server if Omniture). The key is available after signing up for an account and adding your app through one of these services.

30) Featured Content: YES or NO? If yes, indicate if you want to feature the latest issue (updates automatically), a specific issue (which one), or a specific subscription (which one).

X 31) Promotional image (1024×500; landscape only; PNG or JPG) ADD LINK

32) Video(s) (Up to 5 MPEG-2, WMV, MOV, FLV, AVI, or H.264 MPEG-4; 720 – 1080px wide (4:3 or 16:9); 1200 kbps or higher