Requirements for Managed App Submission – iOS App


A Managed App Submission (MAS) is a service in which mag+ will take care of your app build and submission. You provide the assets—we build, send you a test app for review, and then submit to Apple. Please note this counts as a single Managed App Submission, as this is a one-time service and additional services will need to be purchased for additional submissions or updates. If you have any questions, please contact Sales.

After approval to submit, iOS apps must still go through the standard approval process (which is normally 6-10 business days). We will correct any mag+ bugs to ensure the app is approved, however, we cannot be responsible for any content-related rejections (issues should be tested thoroughly on the latest version of the mag+ tools before being sent to the mag+ team). We will provide support until the app is live. All subsequent changes and updates are your responsibility (if you need help with that, you may purchase a Managed App Update or a one-hour personal webinar – click here for more information).

Note: Although we have hundreds of apps live, we cannot always predict what issues may come up during the Apple review process, as it is often subjective. So while your app could be initially rejected, which would delay the launch, we will work with you to address any issues that arise until you are ultimately live. We strongly suggest you leave as much time as possible before any hard launch date.

Integration of the Subscription API is not included as part of an MAS. Please contact your fulfillment house to implement the API and your mag+ sales representative with any questions. The Subscription API can be activated as a live option and does not need to be tied to an app release or update.

This document lists and explains all the information and assets that you’ll have to provide in order for us to complete the build for Apple submission.


Please allow one week from the time we receive all functional assets until you receive a test app. Once you approve the test app, we will submit it to Apple within two business days. Please note, we have no control over Apple’s approval process and cannot guarantee a “live” date, but we recommend that you allow at least 14 days from the time we submit to the date you’d like the app to be live.


• If you are creating an app for a third party, you will need to decide beforehand if the app is going to be published under your Apple account or your client’s account.

• For public distribution, you’ll need an active iOS Developer Program account. If you plan on selling content in your app, you need to request all three contracts found under “Contracts, Tax and Banking” in iTunes Connect. Note: These contracts are not required if you intend on providing free issues or subscriptions, however if you plan on offering paid content in the future, we do recommend submitting the iOS Paid Applications so you don’t have to wait on its approval after the fact.

• For internal distribution, you need an active iOS Enterprise Program account.

• A mag+ Publish Account. Contact Sales to set one up, if you haven’t done so already.

• If you already have three Distribution Certificates within your iOS Dev Center, you will need to revoke at least one of them in order for us to be able to create the necessary certificates for your build. Please note that revoking a distribution certificate will not affect any live apps available in the App Store, but only apps that are currently either Waiting for Review or In Review with Apple.


If you will distribute this internally and have an Apple Enterprise Developer account, you do not need to supply numbers 2 (unless you want to limit the devices that can install the Ad Hoc test app), 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 22, 28, and 33.


All iOS Managed App Submissions that include both an iPad and iPhone mib will be built as a universal app, that is, an app that can be installed on both iPad and iOS (iPhone/iPod Touch). If you want these to be separate apps, this constitutes a separate MAS and requires a separate Publish site. Please contact your sales rep for more information.

Please note Items labeled with an asterisk (*) below can only be changed with an app update after submission while any non-asterisk items can be adjusted at any time and reflect in the live app without the need for an app update.


1) Username and password for the iOS Dev Center and iTunes Connect. Please supply us with the “Agent”-level credentials for the account the app is to be published under. If you’re building an Enterprise app (for internal distribution), please supply us with the“Agent”-level credentials for your iOS Developer Enterprise Program.

2) *UDIDs. These are required for all of the iOS devices on which you want to be able to test the app before we submit it to Apple. Visit this article for instructions on how to find your device UDID.

3) *Name of the app as you want it to appear in the App Store (25 characters max). See the “Choose an Effective App Name” section of this article for more information.

4) *Name of the app as you want it to appear underneath the icon. Space is limited to about 12-16 characters.

5) *Name of the Distributor of the app as you want it to appear in the App Store. The “Distributor” name cannot be changed, so be sure to provide this exactly as you want it listed for all apps under this account. Please note that if your developer account has already been assigned a distributor name, we will be unable to change it and the existing name will be used.

6) Price of the app in the App Store. This can either be free or have a price associated with it (price must end in .99). Please note this is in reference to the “app shell”, and not the content within it.

7) Description of the app as you want it to appear in your iTunes Store. We recommend browsing the App Store for examples. If you are offering subscriptions in the app, this has to be described in the app description (see the example in this post).

8) *Copyright. The name of the person or entity that owns the exclusive rights to your app, preceded by the year the rights were obtained (for example, “© 2008 Acme Inc.”). Please note this cannot be a URL.

9) *Occurrence of any violence, nudity or graphic content in issues. Answers to these questions will affect your app store rating. For more information on this, see the “Ratings: Advice for Your Customers” section from this page.

For each following content description answer ‘None’, ‘Infrequent/ Mild’ or ‘Frequent/ Intense’:

• Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
• Realistic Violence
• Prolonged Graphic or Sadistic Realistic Violence
• Profanity or Crude Humor
• Mature/Suggestive Themes
• Horror/Fear Themes
• Medical/Treatment Information
• Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use or Reference
• Simulated Gambling
• Sexual Content or Nudity
• Graphical Sexual Content and Nudity

For each following content description, answer YES or NO:

• Unrestricted Web Access (For apps that permit navigating and viewing web pages, for example with an embedded browser). To learn more about Unrestricted Web Access, see this article.
• Gambling and Contest 

10) *Does your app contain, display, or access third-party content?

• If YES, do you have all necessary rights to that content or are you otherwise permitted to use it under the laws of each App Store territory in which your app will be available?

• If NO, please note that Apple states: “To use third party content, you must have all necessary rights to that content or be entitled to use it under the laws of each App Store territory in which your app is available”.

To learn more about the App Store guidelines, see this article.

11) Contact info. The person in your organization who should be contacted if the App Review team has any questions or needs additional information.

• First Name
• Last Name
• Email Address
• Phone Number

12) *Support URL. A URL with support information for your app that will be visible on the App Store. Please note this can be the contact page or support page from your website if you do not create a specific one for the app. In addition, it must be a live URL (not under construction) and needs to have a contact form (or email) included in a prominent and clearly visible spot on the page.

13) *Company Privacy Policy URL. This can be the same as on your website. Must be a live URL and not under construction.

14) *Keywords. These are your app’s iTunes search terms. Please note that this list should be comma separated, does not require spaces between terms, and is limited to 100 characters (including commas and any spaces used).

15) *Category. Please choose a primary category in which you would like your app to appear. One secondary category is optional (if your app is not on Newsstand, you can choose a secondary category from the same list if you want). However, please note that we highly advise against choosing “Book” as a category (ask support rep for details):

• Book
• Business
• Catalogs
• Education
• Entertainment
• Finance
• Food & Drink
• Games
• Health & Fitness
• Lifestyle
• Medical
• Music
• Navigation
• News
• Photo & Video
• Productivity
• Reference
• Social Networking
• Sports
• Travel
• Utilities
• Weather

In the case of a Newsstand app, your secondary category is automatically set to “Newsstand” and you have the option of one subcategory from the list below:

• Arts & Photography
• Automotive
• Brides & Weddings
• Business & Investing
• Children’s Magazines
• Computers & Internet
• Cooking, Food & Drink
• Crafts & Hobbies
• Electronics & Audio
• Entertainment
• Fashion & Style
• Health, Mind & Body
• History
• Home & Garden
• Literary Magazines & Journals
• Men’s Interest
• Movies & Music
• News & Politics
• Outdoors & Nature
• Parenting & Family
• Pets
• Professional & Trade
• Regional News
• Science
• Sports & Leisure
• Teens
• Travel & Regional
• Women’s Interest

16) Name, length, short description and price of subscription(s) to be included in the app. If you are doing a Newsstand app, you need to offer at least 1 subscription (it can be free). Indicate in the description how often issues will be published.

Name: Annual Subscription (75 characters max)
Description: Sign up for an annual subscription! Issues published monthly.
1 year
$12.99 (price must end in .99)

17) Name, description and price of issue(s) to be included in the app. You may choose to upload a free sample issue and a full price complete issue.

Name: January 2014 (75 characters max)
Description: Read about werewolves and rabbits!
Price: $2.99 (price must end in .99)


18) Screenshots for the App Store; 1-5 max (for each device), PNG format, in the RGB color space, and at least 72 DPI. Please note it is easiest to gather them by taking screengrabs on your iPad and iPhone while reviewing the MIB. In addition, landscape versions are acceptable as well.

For iPhone only apps: 640×960 px, 640×1136 px, 750×1334 px, and 1242×2208 px required
For iPad only apps: either 768×1024 px OR 1536×2048 px required
For Universal apps: 640×960 px, 640×1136 px, 750×1334 px, 1242×2208 and either 768×1024 px OR 1536×2048 px required

19) *Application icon; PNG format, in the RGB color space, and at least 72 DPI. In addition, please note that these need to be supplied without rounded corners, as Apple creates those automatically.

• 120×120 px (required for iPhone or Universal apps only)
• 152×152 px
• 180×180 px (required for iPhone or Universal apps only)
• 1024×1024 px

20) *Portrait launch image; PNG format, in the RGB color space, and at least 72 DPI. This is the image that will show when the app is started with the device in portrait.

• 640×960 px (required for iPhone or Universal apps only)
• 640×1136 px (required for iPhone or Universal apps only)
• 750×1334 px (required for iPhone or Universal apps only)
• 1242×2208 px (required for iPhone or Universal apps only)
• 1536×2048 px

21) *Landscape launch image; PNG format, in the RGB color space, and at least 72 DPI. This is the image that will show when the app is started with the device in landscape position (iPad only).

• 2208×1242 px (optional for iPhone 6 Plus)
• 2048×1536 px
(optional for iPad)

22) *Generic Cover; PNG format, in the RGB color space, and at least 72 DPI. This is only required if your app will be Newsstand-enabled. It will be displayed in the Newsstand by default when Apple is unable to retrieve the most recently Published cover and no issues have been downloaded. Apple requires that it look like a cover without being an actual cover. We recommend placing your logo in the same spot as you would on an actual cover, and placing a generic image/pattern that represents your publication beneath it. This should not look like your app icon or launch images.

• 768×1024 px or 1536×2048 px (can be portrait or landscape orientation)


23) *Help MIB. This is an optional one-vertical mib that explains to the user how to navigate the app.

For iPhone only apps: Apple iPhone 4 required; Apple iPhone 5, Apple iPhone 6, and Apple iPhone 6 Plus optional
For iPad only apps: Apple iPad required; Apple iPad Retina Universal optional BUT recommended over just serving the Apple iPad MIB (more on creating a Universal Help MIB here)
For Universal apps: Apple iPhone 4 and Apple iPad required; Apple iPhone 5Apple iPhone 6Apple iPhone 6 Plus, and Apple iPad Retina optional

24) Issue MIB. This is the final versions for all the devices that you want to be supported at launch. For example: if you want to support all versions of the **iPad** and **iPhone**, you will need a mib for each device (iPad, iPad Retina, iPhone, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus). Please note the Apple iPad MIB (non-retina) can be read on an iPad Retina device (but won’t be sharp) and an Apple iPhone 4 MIB can be read on an iPhone 5, 6, and 6 Plus devices (but will be letterboxed).

• For iPhone only apps: Apple iPhone 4 required; Apple iPhone 5, Apple iPhone 6, and Apple iPhone 6 Plus optional
For iPad only apps: Apple iPad required; Apple iPad Retina optional
For Universal apps: Apple iPhone 4 and Apple iPad required; Apple iPhone 5Apple iPhone 6Apple iPhone 6 Plus, and Apple iPad Retina optional


25) *RGB color for app accent color. This is used to tint various small UI elements in the app. This includes the scrubber slider, bookmark indicator when reading, the current vertical indicator in scrubber, etc. If you decide not to choose a custom color, then a default “blue” (R79 G158 B201) will be used instead. Click here to see where the accent color is being used within the app.

26) *Live button: YES or NO? The Live menu opens up a web browser window in the app from the menu. If you want this option, provide us with the URL you want the window to open to. Note this cannot be an online shop or other site that promotes digital subscription sales outside of iTunes App Store. The URL can be changed as a live option, but the presence of the button cannot.

27) Enable Sharing: YES or NO? The sharing option gives your readers the option to send a screenshot of the current page and a designated link via email, Twitter, or Facebook. If you choose to yes, please provide a default URL (if none provided, a link to your app in the App Store will be used). For verticals with a specific URL assigned in the InDesign plug-in, the URL will be honored and the default will not be used. 

28) *Make app Newsstand compatible: YES or NO? Please note you will need to offer at least 1 subscription to qualify for Newsstand (it can be free). Also, free subscriptions are only available for Newsstand-enabled apps. See the top of this article for Newsstand app requirements.

29) *Include ability to send push notifications to users: YES or NO? Please note this is required for Newsstand apps.

30) *Analytics type: YES or NO? If yes, please provide your provider of choice (Flurry, Localytics, or Omniture) and the analytics key for the chosen service (and tracking server if Omniture). The key is available after signing up for an account and adding your app through one of these services. For more information on our analytics provider options, see this article.

31) Featured Content: YES or NO? If yes, indicate if you want to feature the latest issue (updates automatically), a specific issue (which one), or a specific subscription (which one). See this article for more information.

32) *On Startup screen, please select which screen to open at first launch (or after ‘force closing‘ an app):

• Issues
• My Account
• Live
• Help

33) *App Preview: YES or NO? A short video about your app that users can watch in the App Store. See this link for more information.

• (M4V, MP4, or MOV, under 500 MB)


34) *Top Branding Bar; PNG format, in the RGB color space, and at least 72 DPI. Click here to see where this image is used within the app.

You have 2 options: create a single, flat image that covers the whole bar area or provide a separate logo image and background image:

• Option 1 – whole bar: 2048×120 px
• Option 2 – logo + background: logo 2048×120 px (max) and background 2×160 px

35) In-App Promotional Banners; (JPEG format, in the RGB color space, and at least 72 DPI.) These are iTunes-like promotional banners that appear at the top of the screen. You can also provide a URL to activate when a banner is tapped (can be a website or another app in the iTunes Store). For more information and specs, please see this article.

2048×600 px