Requirements for Standard Managed App Update


A Standard Update Subscription is a service in which we’ll build your app initially via a ‘Managed App Submission’ (MAS) for your first month and then provide one ‘Managed App Update’ (MAU) per month thereafter as long as the agreement with regard to the specific app is active. Standard MAUs include mag+ Software version matching and iOS certificate renewal.

For each monthly MAU, we’ll generate a new build (on the most recent mag+ version that is available at the time the service is performed by your mag+ Support Agent), get your approval, and submit to the appropriate marketplace.

Note: This update does not include the addition of new issues (see Managed Issue Update from here). 

After approval to submit is received, iOS and Amazon apps must still go through the standard approval process (which is normally 6-10 business days). A Google Play submission is live within 24 hours. We will correct any mag+ bugs to ensure the app update is approved in each marketplace. However, we cannot be responsible for any content-related rejections.


On a predetermined day each month, we will send you an ad hoc app to test and approve. Once you approve, we will submit it to appropriate marketplace within two business days. 

We have no control over Apple’s or Amazon’s approval process and cannot guarantee a “live” date, but we recommend that you allow at least 14 days from the time we submit to the date you’d like the app update to be live. There is no review process for Google Play.

Although we have hundreds of apps live, we cannot always predict what issues may come up during the Apple or Amazon review process, as it is often subjective. So while your app could be initially rejected, which would delay the launch, we will work with you to address any issues that arise until you are ultimately live. We strongly suggest you leave as much time as possible before any hard update release date.

Note: Integration of the Subscription API is not included as part of an MAU. Please contact your fulfillment house to implement the API and your mag+ sales representative with any questions. The Subscription API can be activated as a live option and does not need to be tied to an app release or update.


For Apple, please provide your username and password for your iOS Dev Center and iTunes Connect accounts. Please supply us with the “Agent”-level login credentials for the account the app is to be published under.

For Android, please provide your username and password for your Google Play publisher account (see this link for more details).

For Kindle Fire, please provide your username and password for Amazon Marketplace publisher account (see this link for more details).