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WWE Creates an Interactive Digital Magazine

As we’ve mentioned before, reading about wrestling is like dancing about architecture: something just gets lost in the translation. A video is much better! Check out this highlights video that shows off all of the interactive features in the WWE’s new digital magazine, created on the mag+ platform. Wrestling fans and technical designers alike are … Read More »

United Hemispheres

United Hemispheres puts out an amazing print travel magazine, and they’ve now created a digital magazine for iPad and Android devices. This highlights video shows the great mag+ 4.1 features utilized in the March issue. Read More »

Creating Interactive Magazines without the Need for Programming

Tom Royal, Tablet Development Manager at Incisive Media, shares his thoughts on the process of creation and giving designers the ability to design interactive magazines without the need for programming skills. Read More »

mag+ 4.1 Zooming Feature

Native Zoom was a feature that was available before through embedded HTML, but now, with the mag+4.1 digital magazine technology, zoom is a simple checkbox in the plug-in for any image.

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