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Digital publishing is made easy with Mag+. Use Mag+ to create and publish to native mobile apps without any coding. Mag+ is free to download.

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Leverage Growing mCommerce With Your Own B2C Mobile App

More people own mobile phones than toothbrushes and those who own smartphones are checking them on an average of 85 times per day. If you’re a B2C retailer there’s no doubt you should have a strong mobile presence. In fact, offering the capability to make purchases from one’s own smartphones is becoming increasingly critical to … Read More »

Step by Step Guide to Create a Digital Magazine with mag+

With the rising importance of going digital, creating a digital magazine is more favorable than ever. Being a great way to engage your audience, it is a cost-effective way that allows publishers to reach across the world. Simplifying the journey, we at mag+, help you create, enhance, and publish digital magazines that can be instantly … Read More »

Importance of Creating an Event App

Anyone who’s ever been in the business of planning, arranging, and hosting an event knows there can be a lot of event-related questions and concerns. To answer all these questions, websites, printed event programs, and brochures are good, but having an app for your event is interesting, convenient, and profitable. To help you understand the … Read More »

Things Readers Want in a Digital Magazine

Being the pioneers in the digital publishing industry, mag+ has witnessed a massive shift to digital magazines. The journey turned out to be not so straightforward. We noticed that it took publishers and big platforms some time to get their bearings and figure out what makes digital work. But one thing that can never go … Read More »

Crafting Impactful Push Notifications

Push notifications are a great way to remind your audience not only that your app exists, but that it cares to elevate user experience by introducing new issue release and updates. That said, writing a good push notification can be tricky. Depending on the app marketplace, you’ve only got limited characters to work with. Also, … Read More »

Digital Publishing in the Fashion World

We love to see the different ways our clients use digital publishing and the mag+ platform to make their business more efficient. InWear, a Danish fashion brand, is currently working with our product to produce a trade tool app that showcases their new product line. This creative app uses a “selling in” section which includes the companies …

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NFL Interactive—Featured in Maxim Magazine

Maxim Magazine’s September issue uses interactive digital publishing for a very fun NFL feature. Users can read up on their favorite NFL teams, and also predict the future! Ask the app who will win tonight’s game, shake, and receive your answer. This feature works with the device’s accelerometer. Check out the video to see the … Read More »

5 Lessons on Digital Publishing

If you missed our live broadcast of “5 Lessons on Digital Publishing,” with mag+ Chief Creative Officer, Mike Haney, here is the recorded video. View at your convenience and learn interesting insights about digital media publishing. As always, please let us know if you have any questions by leaving a comment below! Read More »

Compassion Magazine

Compassion International’s new magazine is now available on the iPad for free. Digital publishing has allowed Compassion Magazine to include interactive elements, and gives readers the opportunity to sponsor a child directly from the app. This app shows inspiring stories as well as inspiring design. Take a look about our app video for a sneak … Read More »

Macworld Magazine

Macworld is the largest Apple-focused publishing brand in the world, and Macworld magazine (U.S.) is the most popular Apple-focused magazine. This app lets you read Macworld magazine every month, right on your iPad. You can buy individual issues or subscribe, all from within the app. In every issue of Macworld, you’ll get Mac news and …

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Game Informer

Game Informer’s staffers have used mag+’s digital publishing tools to create this app. No strangers to publishing, they have taken their skills into the digital world, creating interactive issues that continue to shape the video-game industry. Readers can get the latest news, previews, reviews, and features on computer, mobile, social, and console video games, including …

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Game Informer’s Digital Magazine

Game Informer has enhanced the gaming experience for their readers with an interactive digital magazine.

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YouWorkout, which is published quarterly, is the ultimate sports, health, and fitness magazine built from the ground up to take advantage of today’s tablets and smartphones. YouWorkout is created with mag+ and available for iPhone, iPad, and Kindle Fire.

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Brain Dip Magazine

A walk through of Brain Dip Magazine, an educational app made with mag+ tools, and the winner of Magnify Your World “Employee Pick of the Month” in April 2012.

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Ten Great Examples of Ads in Tablet Magazines

A walk-through of ten great interactive ads in iPad magazines created with mag+ free tools. This video is meant as an inspiration for everyone working with (digital) publishing, advertising, and tablet magazines/apps. Read More »

The Problem with Having Discovered mag+ Digital Publishing Platform

When Incisive Media discovered mag+ tools for creation of tablet magazines, it caused them a little trouble. Marc Hartog, Group Publisher, explains why. Read More »

The Workflow of Designing a Tablet Magazine with mag+ Tools for Digital Publishing

Tom Royal, Tablet Development Manager at Incisive Media, talks about why mag+ tools for creating tablet apps were the best ones for British Journal of Photography. Read More »

Thoughts about Tablet Users’ Expectations on the Experience of Reading a Digital Magazine

Mick Moore, Art Editor at Incisive Media, explains his thoughts about tablet users and their expectations on the experience when reading a digital magazine and how this affected the choice of mag+ as platform for British Journal of Photography’s iPad edition. Read More »

Why mag+ Pricing Model Was the Best One for British Journal of Photography’s iPad Edition?

Marc Hartog, Group Publisher of Incisive Media, explains why they saw mag+ pricing model as the best one when creating the iPad edition of British Journal of Photography. Read More »

What’s It Like Working with the mag+ Team?

Marc Hartog, Group Publisher at Incisive Media, talks about what it was like to work with mag+ team when creating the iPad version of British Journal of Photography. Read More »

Example of an animated cover in an iPad magazine

British Journal of Photography show how to make a stunning cover even better when working with digital publishing. Their iPad edition of a cover with Natalie Portman features a video sequence of Natalie Portman getting to the state the photo is taken in.

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Example of horisontal only layout of a tablet magazine

Zone Blitz Magazine is a great example of a magazine only laid out for the horizontal orientation of an iPad. Zone Blitz Magazine is taking full advantage of that orientation, never forcing the user to switch.

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Example of a magazine designed for both horizontal and vertical orientations

Bloomgberg Markets is a great example of digital publishing. This tablet magazine is designed for both horizontal and vertical orientations of the iPad. Here’s a short video of how it works.

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Unilever Food Solutions’ B2B iPad app

Two examples of B2B iPad apps made by Unilever Food Solutions, using mag+ free tools. These apps help restaurants and cafe’s with more effective cooking and preparation of food, saving time and money.

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Range Magazine for iPad

Range Magzine is a magazine for Southwest Airlines' pilots. The iPad edition is made with mag+ tools. For a video of issue 2, please click here. Read More »

Chicago Sun-Times

A video of the iPad edition of daily newspaper Chicago Sun-Times. The tablet edition of Chicago Sun-Times is made with mag+ free tools. Read More »

RedEye for iPad

A video of RedEye for iPad, a daily magazine about news, sports, pop culture and entertainmen. RedEye is made for tablets with mag+ free tools. Read More »

Time Out Chicago

A video of Time Out Chicago, the weekly where-to-go, what-to-do weekly magazine now available on iPad. The tablet edition of Time Out Chicago is made with mag+ free tools. Read More »

Unlimited Magazine

The Unlimited Magazine is an interactive magazine for the iPad that pushes the boundaries of fashion and art. The Unlimited Magazine is made with mag+ free tools. Download The Unlimited Magazine in Appstore

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Scrawl Magazine

Scrawl Magazine is a magazine about illustration and comics, exclusively made for the iPad. Scrawl Magazine won mag+ contest “Magnify Your World” in 2012. Download Scrawl Magazine for iPad

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Maxim, the international lifestyle magazine for men, is available on the iPad. Here is a short video of the app. Maxim+ is created with mag+ free tools. Download Maxim+ in the Apple Appstore

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Macworld, iPad edition

A video showing what Macworld’s iPad edition (September 2012 issue) looks like. Macworld’s iPad edition is created with mag+ free tools. Download Macworld for your iPad

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MAD Magazine for the iPad

A short walkthrough of MAD Magazine's iPad edition, which is made with mag+ free tools. Read More »

Kong: King of Skull Island

Kong: King of Skull Island is a book where stunning images and and visual effects as you interact with the app, are a part of the storytelling. Kong: King of Skull Island is made with mag+ free tools. Download Kong: King of Skull Island Read More »

Toyota Magazine UK for iPad

Toyota UK publish their client magazine on digital platforms like the iPad using mag+ Read More »

WebMD iPad edition

A quick video walkthrough of the iPad edition of WebMD which was created, designed, and produced by McMurry/TMG. Read More »

Range Magazine for the iPad

Range Magazine is an iPad magazine for pilots of Southwest Airlines. Here is a short video showing the great design. Read More »

BearDownload, iPad edition from Chicago Tribune

BearDownload is an iPad magazine for all Chicago Bears fans. It's made by Chicago Tribune using mag+ tools for digital publishing. Read More »

Bears Extra from Chicago Sun-Times

Bears Extra is an iPad app for Chicago Bears fans, made by Chicago Sun-Times. Here is a video showing how the iPad magazine works and what it looks like. Read More »

Interactive Ad for Avis in Popular Science+

This is an example of an interactive ad for Avis in the iPad edition of Popular Science. When you shake the iPad, the car in the ad changes and becomes something else. Shaking the tablet again causes the car to transform to something new. Read More »

Blockbuster Magazine for the iPad

A short video showing the iPad edition of Blockbuster UK’s client magazine.

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Chargers Insider

Chargers Insider is an iPad magazine for fans of San Diego Chargers. Read More »

Kick-Off Magazine for the iPad

Kick-Off Magazine is a magazine of the history of soccer, created exclusively for the iPad. Read More »

Padres Insider for the iPad

Padres Insider is an iPad magazine for fans of the San Diego Padres, created by U-T San Diego. Read More »

Bulls Extra for iPad

Bulls Extra is an iPad magazine created by Chicago Sun-Times for all fans of the Chicago Bulls. Here's a quick video of it. Read More »

Splash for iPad

Splash is a new weekly guide to everything Chicago is talking about, from fashion and philanthropy to dining and real estate. It is made for the iPad by Chicago Sun-Times. Read More »

mag+ holds Chicago event hosted by Time Out Chicago

Talking New Media, by Douglas Hebbard, 9 Oct, 2012

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mag+ 4.0 at a Glance

Mike Haney walks you through the new features of mag+ 4.0. The news in the latest upgrade of our digital publishing software include support for the new Kindle Fire, Nexus 7, iPhone 5, iOS 6, Google ads, and a whole lot more. The code base is completely new too. Watch this webinar to find out … Read More »

mag+ Packs v4.0 with Apple iPhone 5, iOS 6 and dynamic ad serving

Popular Science+ first to tap the power of Google IMA SDK to serve ads into issue in mag+, while BJP and TNW to launch iPhone 5-ready magazines mag+ today goes live with version 4.0 of its award-winning digital publishing platform. Major enhancements to mag+ include its support for Apple iOS 6, and for publishing to …

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mag+ Tops 600 Apps: USA Today, Chicago Tribune, Unilever and V&A Museum Among New Digital Publishers

ABC Digital Circulation Report Proves the Popularity of mag+ Apps mag+ today announced that there are now more than 600 consumer and business apps released on its award-winning digital publishing platform. With mag+ digital magazines such as Popular Science+ and WebMD consistently among the highest rated magazines in the App Store, the mag+ momentum is …

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mag+ Eases Multi-Device Digital Publishing, with Design and Export Plugin

Company also announces the first clients to release iPhone apps with the new mag+ smart phone tools – BJP and Icon mag+ today announced the availability of the latest iteration of its game-changing digital publishing platform. Enhancements make it easier for creatives and publishers to develop digital content intended for a growing range of mobile …

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Experience the very latest in fashion and trends in a gorgeous digital magazine. Get inspired, read, watch, and shop wherever you are. Join Swedish fashion blogger and former supermodel Caroline Blomst on her journeys in the world of fashion. C MODE takes you behind the scenes at the world’s fashion shows, brings you the latest …

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Advanced tricks for the reviewer

Here’s a walk through of a couple advanced tricks when working with mag+ Reviewer on your iPad, iPhone, Android tablet or smartphone, or on the Kindle Fire.

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Using Multi-Device Export in the mag+ Plug-in

Learn how to create one layout and automatically adjust it for other sized devices using mag+’s new powerful multi-device export.

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mag+ 4.1 Panning Feature

The panning feature included in mag+ 4.1 digital publishing service was available via embedded HTML before, but now it is a simple checkbox in the plug-in for any image.

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How to Create mag+ Links

Links are how mag+ lets you call up different content within your app. Jump to articles quickly and easily or control multimedia with a simple tap. Try our tools for free at and read a links step-by-step tutorial at Read More »

mag+ 4.1 Dual Layout Feature

The Dual Layout feature is the biggest feature in the mag+ 4.1 digital publishing solution. In short, it’s the ability for you to make a unique layout for the landscape and portrait orientations of a given page (or slide) within a vertical. Read More »

Introduction to mag+ Pinning and Snapping

Some like to consume content on tablets in portrait mode, others in landscape. When designing digital content that could pose a problem, mag+ free tools offer an easy solution. We call it “pinning.” Learn how to automatically create beautiful design for both portrait and landscape modes. This video also covers mag+’s snapping feature, another great … Read More »

Introduction to Layers in mag+ Tools

Here is an introduction to the two layers that mag+ InDesign Plug-In uses in the templates to create awesome native apps for iPad, Android tablets and smartphones, Kindle Fire, and the iPhone. This is probably the video you want to watch once you’ve installed the tools and have watched the introduction to the plug-in. Read More »

Setting up the Reviewer

Learn how to set up instant review with mag+ on your iPad, iPhone, Android tablet or smartphone, or the Kindle Fire. It’s like having a print button to your iPad. mag+ plug-in for Adobe InDesign is the easiest and most powerful way to publish digital content to tablets. Read More »

Introduction to mag+ InDesign Plug-In and Templates

Once you’re done installing the mag+ plug-in for InDesign, where do you go next? This video explains where you go next. It walks you through the mag+ plug-in and the templates. You’ll be creating your digital magazine and publishing it on Android tablets and smartphones, Kindle Fire, or iPad and iPhone in no time. Read More »

Installing the mag+ Tools (Windows)

This video will show you how to install the mag+ Tools in Windows. In no time you’ll be creating the first pages of content for your own customized app for iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire, or Android tablets and smartphones. The mag+ Adobe InDesign Plug-In works with CS4 through CC 2014. Read More »

mag+ Offers More Choice for Publishers and Readers with Support for Apple Newsstand and Subscription Integration

New York, London, Stockholm (September 19, 2011) – mag+ announces today the release of two new opportunities for publishers: the integration of digital subscription management and support for Apple’s upcoming iOS5, featuring Newsstand. mag+ is the flexible, accessible, and affordable platform for publishers of all sizes to create immersive content tailored for touchscreen tablets. It …

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mag+ brings British Journal of Photography to life on iPad

The world’s oldest photography magazine is now bang up to date LONDON, STOCKHOLM and NEW YORK, 5 September 2011 – British Journal of Photography (BJP) – the original photography magazine, published for over 150 years, launches its first iPad issue this week (September 7), using mag+. The hugely respected global magazine brings stunning visuals to …

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FHM With many international editions and websites, and accessible to consumers through print, online, and mobile devices, FHM is the defining voice of a global generation of young men. FHM entertains, informs, and excites readers, helping them navigate the increasingly complex choices in their world.

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Outside Magazine Buyer’s Guide

The “Outside Magazine Buyer’s Guide + (plus)” app for the iPad is now available for free in the iTunes App Store, offering users an extensive free preview issue of the 2011 Spring/Summer Buyer’s Guide.

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Iliustruotasis Mokslas

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Allt om iPad

Finally, you can read your favorite magazine on your favorite gadget. Allt om iPad unites the best from the paper issue and the website. Photos, illustrations, and beautiful design come together perfectly in this magazine. But it is also a digital product, containing videos and interactive functions. This app is an excellent integration of Macworld …

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Allt om Mat

Allt om Mat is now available on the mag+ platform for tablets. Allt om Mat+ is a digital weekly magazine focused on recipes from the print and online editions. Allt om Mat is Sweden’s most popular magazine about food, with almost six hundred thousand readers. It aims to inspire with recipes from Sweden and from …

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Costume DK

Costume is a high-end fashion magazine, and everything we write about has a fashion point of view. We make high-end fashion available and affordable, but we also show you the one designer bag that’s worth thousands. Now launched on the iPad.

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Eye stands for Ernst & Young Executive Magazine and is a customer publication produced by Spoon Publishing. Its main focus is on bigger and global businesses and organizations. Now also on the iPad.

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mag+ unveils its one-push solution

June 21, 2011 › Read the article

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Costume is a high-end fashion magazine published in Norway and everything we write about has a fashion point of view. Costume makes high-end fashion available and affordable, but they also show you the one designer bag that’s worth thousands.

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Sköna Hem

Sköna Hem is a Swedish interior-design magazine with regular features on home décor, gardens, design ideas, furniture, new products, do-it-yourself projects, and more.

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