The United Nations: Reaching a New Mobile Audience

UNOG-printscreen-3The United Nations Office in Geneva is continuously working for peace and human rights. Together with mag+, UNOG developed a mobile app for their 2014 Annual Report. The app outlines the year’s main activities and achievements, giving its new mobile audience a broad perspective of the office’s work and allows them to learn more about the United Nations and its worldwide impact.

When annual reports are delivered through a mobile app instead of a printed booklet, audiences can engage with the content in a deeper way. Director-General Michael Mœlller showed his excitement when he said, “This multimedia app will reach a broader audience than the printed copy, touching mobile users everywhere. It will build bridges and spread the word of the extraordinary work being done here in Geneva!”

Key features of the 2014 UNOG Annual Report include:

  • Integrated video interviews and tours
  • Interactive images and graphics 
  • Links driving traffic to social media channels

The app makes good use of many exciting features included with the mag+ platform. Instead of having users go through static, read-only documents, the introduction page offers an oversight of the content and some basic statistics from the past year. Readers interested in additional details simply need to click through.

“Our annual report illustrates how we make a difference in the world” states Michael Mœller. The app tells the UNOG story in a new way that keeps UNOG relevant, accessible, sharable and interactive at all times. As UNOG’s print and distribution costs drop to zero, they can focus funds on more important items.



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