Winner of Mag+ design contest – MILK by Natasha Mead

Congratulations to 21-year-old, Natasha Mead from New Zealand who’s contest entry, MILK for iPad, got 4854 public

votes in the finale of Mag+ first ever iPad design contest.

Natasha is now the lucky winner of a $2500 deal to launch her digital concept MILK on iPad using Mag+ tablet publishing software.

MILK features six to nine new and easy-to-follow tutorials ranging in cost and time required in every issue. Taking its cue from street style as well as high fashion trends, MILK is a source of both inspiration and instruction.

Read our interview with Natasha below:

Congratulations, you just won a $ 2500 publishing deal from Mag+, how does it feel?

Incredible, and a little hard to process. It’s been a long ride with tough competition. I feel very grateful to everyone who’s voted and spread the word to help make MILK a reality.

Tell us a about your idea?

MILK actually started as my honors level project at university, I was researching the disposible nature of fashion today, and I came across DIY fashion tutorials and their popularity among fashion blogs. However I noticed there were no go to resources or publications, especially those which took cues from high fashion, as the DIY aesthetic is mostly rooted in handicraft. So MILK was born, and I decided it would be a great way to create a publication with a stronger emphasis on design. I chose to feature 6-9 DIY projects an issue which looked at latest street style trends and translated them into easy tutorials. Plus, create feature interviews and work by other bloggers and crafters who were interested in the fashion and DIY.

What made you do a digital publication?

I blog about fashion and design so I’m always interested in new ways we can access digital information and share ideas and inspiration. One of the best things about a digital publication is the ability to update it really quickly without worrying about print or dissemination, and within an industry where trends change quickly that’s a huge step forward. On top of that, the ability to incorporate interactive elements such as video and galleries is incredibly useful for a publication which is based around instructions.

How do you expect this to evolve, what are the next steps and when can we expect to see your publication on App Store?

I’m not entirely sure what to expect, and I guess you never know till you get started, but I do know where I’d like to see it headed. More contributors would be my place to start, I’d like to get more people on board adding their own work and ideas. Which sort of leads into the next step, expanding the range of content in the magazine beyond what’s currently been done just by me.  As for when it’ll be available, very soon. I’d like to touch up the launch issue before publishing, but ultimately get it out there as fast as possible!

Tell us what you think about our tool, how is it to work with InDesign and the Mag+ tools?

The Mag+ tools are absurdly easy to work with. When I first started looking at ways to self publish to the iPad I found it was either learning full on code, or very expensive digital agencies, so coming across Mag+ was such a relief. One of my favorite things is the ability to test as you go, when you’re using the Mag+ suite you can see the finished version on your iPad the second you’re done in inDesign, which really allows you to refine the user experience right down to the last pixel.

With the following motivation MILK was also the jury’s choice:

“It was an extremely tough decision, but the jury ultimately picked Milk as its Design Contest winner for a few reasons. First, it’s a smart idea for a tablet-first publication, with a narrow focus and a natural use for digital story-telling tools like video and slideshows. Second, on that same point, it really took advantage of Mag+, using the layered architecture to really show off beautiful photography and the seamless integration of rich media to help deliver the content. Finally, it’s just a beautiful design. It made us all want to go out and DIY our own fashion! We congratulate Natasha, and thank all the entrants for inspiring us with their novel ideas and designs”. -The Jury

Congratulations also to VintageMUM (second place) and BLACK (third place).

Thanks to everyone who participated in our contest. We were truly impressed with all the talent and creativity. Let’s do this again – soon!

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