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Public and Enterprise apps Distribute your B2B and B2C apps through all three major app markets - Google, iTunes and Amazon - or create secure Enterprise apps for internal distribution using any MDM.
Flexible and secure hosting You can host your content and documents securely on your own server or with the provider of your choice and pay nothing to us, or take advantage of robust Mag+ hosting for just a few cents per download. 250 GB included.
Then $0.17/GB
250 GB included.
Then $0.17/GB
10 TB included.
Then $0.17/GB
User Access Control Sell content via in-app purchase, including subscriptions, give it away for free, or use our simple API and permissioning systems to present a login window for authenticating users and controlling who sees what content.

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Great Features Included In All License Packages

Adobe Indesign Compatibility Per issue Monthly Unlimited
Creative Cloud, CS6, CS5 & CS4
Devices & App Distribution
All major devices supported iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, Android Tablets & Smartphones.
Distribution iTunes App Store, Amazon appstore, Google play
or internally as enterprise apps.
Design Per issue Monthly Unlimited
Instant reviews Instantly and wirelessly review your fully-functional layout on your device using the Mag+ Reviewer App.
Export to various devices Design for one device, then click a button and have that design intelligently transferred to templates for any other device.
Fully customizable app menuTurn off the default thumbnail scrubber, or even disable swiping, to create the app experience that's right for your brand.
LayersLets you put your content on layers that interact with each other. It gives you more freedom to make a layout that feels native to the touchscreen canvas.
SnappingSet your scrolling layer to stop precisely where you want it to control the layout the user sees.
Orientation LockingFixate your whole app to any orientation that best shows off your designs.
Automatic dual orientation and dual layout Create a unique design for each device orientation, or use one layout for both - the choice is yours.
PinningCreate a single layout that renders perfectly in either orientation by telling objects how to move when the user turns the device.
PopupsCreate hotspots that trigger new information like graphics or text to pop up using basic InDesign layers. Choose visual effects when your popups open, including zoom and flip.
Hotspots for video, audio, HTML, links and popups
Link HighlightingAdd a visual highlight to any hotspot to give users feedback when they tap.
Jump LinksOne click lets you add a hotspot that can take the user directly to another page, another issue or even another app.
Web LinksYou can point a hotspot to any URL and have it open in an inapp browser or directly in Safari.
Zoom & PanEasily enable images to be zoomed in, to reveal even more detail. Turn on panning, or scrolling in a frame, for more layout options.
SlideshowsBuild swiping slideshows quickly and easily in with the Mag+ Plugin. Change transitions, make them auto-play and more.
GalleryAnother great slideshow option with just as much room to customize the look and feel.
Image SequenceMake 360-degree rotations or other image sequences that the user can simply drag their finger over to activate.
HTML5 widget wizard - Feature Builder
Web FeedStream live content seamlessly into your app with our RSS renderer. Just paste in a feed, customize and publish.
HTMLGet highly interactive: if you can build it in HTML5, you can embed it in your Mag+ layout simply by drawing a box and pointing to a file.
AnimationsCreate auto-playing animations directly in InDesign - no HTML needed. Make your page come to life!
Video & Audio Per issue Monthly Unlimited
AudioEmbed audio files. Set them to auto-play or create custom control buttons.
Audio playlistMake your audio files accessible through our unique in-app music player, which lets the user play music in the background while reading.
Sound effectsAdd sound files that can play on top of background audio.
VideoFlexible video usage: full-screen, popup or directly in a page; streaming or embedded; auto-play or controlled.
Media LoopingMake video animations or background audio that play continuously.
Marketing Per issue Monthly Unlimited
In-app store with customizable banners
Push notificationsSend unlimited notifications to your users just by typing in a message and hitting send.
Appboy - Targeted messagingWith the optional Appboy add-on, you can send in-app messages and push notifications to targeted groups of customers-e.g, all users who have downloaded the app, but never purchased an issue. Set up recurring campaigns, increase conversions and interact with users using the feedback feature. From $99/month From $99/month From $99/month
AnalyticsTrack every detail about how users are using your app with your choice of analytics providers: Localytics, Flurry and Omniture. Provider fees may apply.
Marketing toolsCompatible with Tapjoy, Admob & Fiksu.
NewsstandChose to make your app compatible with Apple's Newsstand and even get an automated feed for sending the right cover art to the Newsstand when you publish.
Issue controlDecide whether any issue is part of a subscription or not, for full control over your offering.
Social Sharing Facebook, Twitter & email.
More Per issue Monthly Unlimited
In-app library with content archiving
Optimize file sizeKeep your issue sizes down with multiple export settings that let you find the right balance between quality and download time.
Enterprise AppsCreate secure and flexible Enterprise apps. Control your content and host it wherever you want - in line with your security policies. Make your internal content accessible and titles searchable through the built-in Library, and manage segment-based access with our Subscription API. Use Push Notifications to update and communicate with your audience. Evaluate the usage and efficiency using various build-in analytics options.
Scriptable PluginAutomate your workflow with InDesign scripts that control the Mag+ plug-in, or use our sample scripts like the one that lets you export a whole folder of InDesign files at once.
Software updates Version upgrades and product patches.