Why choose mag+ Designd?

Build a strong digital community with your own customized mobile and tablet apps. mag+’s magazine software empowers businesses, whether big or small, to create stunning digital publications and generate revenue. You may choose to convert your PDF, augment print content, or design something fresh in magazine design software.

Rich Media ContentCreate interactive and rich media content

Create highly interactive, multimedia layouts that are native to touchscreens by using our powerful plug-in for Adobe InDesign.

branded mobile appDesign your mobile app

Your mag+ powered mobile app is how users consume your content. Use our cloud-based web tools to create a branded app, fully integrated with analytics, messaging, and more, for public or internal use.

interactive brochurePublish content

Once your app is on your users’ smart devices, publishing your using digital magazine software—whether magazines, brochures, PDFs, videos, push notifications, or live feeds—becomes as simple as uploading a file and pushing a button.

magazine making appMonetize apps

Use in-app purchases or user subscriptions to monetize the content in your app. Additionally, use third party platforms like Admob and AdMarvel to monetize using in-app advertisements.

mag+ Designd workflow

Digital Magazine Creator


Create visually appealing content using InDesign.

Our digital publishing software comes With intuitive controls and a large number of interactive features, mag+ InDesign plugin, simplifies the app creation process. Redefine digital layouts by adding scrollable layers; enhance engagement with movies and audios; simplify navigation by adding hyperlinks and much more.


Build and preview instantly with mag+ tools.

Assemble the created verticals and generate a build, without requiring any programming skills. Your mag+ digital publishing software powered app is supplemented with additional services like analytics, live window, and in-app ads. Preview your creations in real-time and speed up the content refinement process with instant feedback.

Magazine Cover
digital software


Publish your app to the leading app stores or distribute in-house

Get your own branded app up and running by simply uploading the generated app build to the desired app stores, or you may distribute internally. Once published, your app is available in the respective app stores, ready to be downloaded and used. With extended mag+ digital design software services, you have the ability to publish new issues, send live feeds or notifications, and monetize.

Reimagine digital publications
with mag+ Designd

magazine creator

Additional Design Navigation Options

With mag+ magazine publishing software, you're never limited to simple swipe navigation. Create your own custom navigation bar, or build documents that navigate with links, just like a website. The choice is always yours.

Animation Slideshows Panning
Multiple Orientation Support Overlays and Popups

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Create better apps with powerful mag+ tools

Make the most of your digital presence by using mag+ InDesign plugin, a one-stop digital publishing platform for creating inDesign digital magazines, brochures, sales material, catalogs, rich media content and more.

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