adobe digital publishing suite alternative

mag+ is the Best Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) Alternative

If you’re a content creator and want to switch from Adobe DPS, then mag+ is all that you need!

Trusted by thousands of esteemed publishers, mag+ helps seamlessly migrate your existing articles, convert to other device templates, add interactivity, and scale up your digital presence.

Top 10 reasons to choose mag+ as an Adobe DPS alternative

1. DIY with DPS converter tool

Converting your existing DPS overlays into mag+ digital formats is quick and easy. With no coding required, you can initiate an Import script with just a few clicks. Once imported, you can directly export mag+ verticals or choose to enhance your design.

2. Familiar Workflow

Keep working with a similar workflow as mag+ is an InDesign based creation and enrichment tool. Using known tools also helps in saving time and money by reducing the learning curve and operating time.

3. Keep existing features

mag+ supports the majority of DPS features such as Overlay, Slideshow, Video, Pan and Zoom. Thus, without worrying to lose assets, you can focus on accelerating your digital content strategy.

4. More Powerful

mag+ is more intuitive and efficient digital publishing solution that gets you started in no time. With a number of additional features like overlay navigation, swipe disable, pinning or multiple scrollable layers, adding interactivity is as easy as adding a block and clicking a button.

5. Flexibility

While migrating from DPS, you have the flexibility to update your existing app or launch a new app.

Updating your existing DPS app to a mag+ app helps in carrying forward all app users, as mag+ ensures seamless migration of user base. For this, your mag+ app is distributed to the app stores as an updated version of the previous app.

In case, you wish to launch an entirely new app, it takes more time than updating your previous app and also your DPS app users are lost. However, you can attract new users to the mag+ app or inform the existing users of an app change.

6. Convert back issues

Import all your back issues using mag+ InDesign plugin and convert them into mag+ verticals. This helps in engaging new users by providing access to previously published issues.

7. Experience

With more and more customers switching from Adobe digital publishing software, mag+ has the experience of helping many customers in converting their DPS assets into mag+ issues. To facilitate the process, a dedicated account manager is assigned who will guide you from start to finish of the migration process.

8. Robust Support

Comprehensive support offered by means of complete documentation, video tutorials, chat support, and a dedicated support team, available 24*5, to answer your queries.

9. Cost Effective

mag+ offers best-in-market services at reasonable prices. There are no hidden costs as you only pay for buying the licenses of your choice.

10. All-in-One Solution

mag+ is an end to end platform for creating customized digital stories, enriching them with interactive features, and building native applications. These white label applications can be instantly reviewed and distributed to various marketplaces, including Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Windows Store, and Amazon Kindle Store. In addition, a number of services such as analytics, in-app advertising, push notifications, etc. can be utilized.

Whether you’re a digital magazine publisher, InDesign professional, content creator, or a publishing enthusiast, mag+ offers the best tools and support to migrate from Adobe DPS.

Unleash the power of digital content with the groundbreaking mag+ platform