iPads in Education: Asset, Not Evil

Digital books and digital magazines are not better than their paper predecessors because they're digital. They're better because they create a more immersive experience. You are no longer constricted to explaining with words what Beethoven's 5th symphony sounds like when you can embed a video that visualizes it. You no longer have to jot down … READ MORE »

App Metrics That Matter

Everyone wants their app to be successful, right? But not everyone knows the way. Whether you are publishing Android applications, or publishing apps for iPad, or Kindle, it is absolutely crucial to know the major app metrics that matter and how to measure them. Publishers are thus often curious to know the expected number of … READ MORE »

Leverage Growing mCommerce With Your Own B2C Mobile App

More people own mobile phones than toothbrushes and those who own smartphones are checking them on an average of 85 times per day. If you’re a B2C retailer there’s no doubt you should have a strong mobile presence. In fact, offering the capability to make purchases from one’s own smartphones is becoming increasingly critical to … READ MORE »

Finding Value in Mobile Applications

When considering whether or not building a mobile application makes sense, there are typically three main areas that we should take into account to determine feasibility and potential ROI. The first is the audience: how broadly will the application be used and by whom? Will that audience expand or contract over time? Is mobile, indeed, … READ MORE »

5 Ways to Best Utilize the Native Features to Create Your App

With the exponential increase in the number of mobile apps, have you wondered what’s leading to this? Other than numerous advantages like mobility, cost-savings, convenience, and more; one of the major advantages of creating a mobile app is the ability to easily integrate the native functions in your apps. These feature enhancements enable app users … READ MORE »

How to Price Your Digital Magazine?

Pricing your magazine right is extremely important for the success of your business. Boosted sales and easy conversions are what follows a well-thought-out pricing strategy. But, easier said than done, there is no surefire formula that promises of great sales, as not one price fits all issues and subscriptions. Due to the understandable confusion around … READ MORE »

Step by Step Guide to Create a Digital Magazine with mag+

With the rising importance of going digital, creating a digital magazine is more favorable than ever. Being a great way to engage your audience, it is a cost-effective way that allows publishers to reach across the world. Simplifying the journey, we at mag+, help you create, enhance, and publish digital magazines that can be instantly … READ MORE »

Importance of Creating an Event App

Anyone who’s ever been in the business of planning, arranging, and hosting an event knows there can be a lot of event-related questions and concerns. To answer all these questions, websites, printed event programs, and brochures are good, but having an app for your event is interesting, convenient, and profitable. To help you understand the … READ MORE »

Things Readers Want in a Digital Magazine

Being the pioneers in the digital publishing industry, mag+ has witnessed a massive shift to digital magazines. The journey turned out to be not so straightforward. We noticed that it took publishers and big platforms some time to get their bearings and figure out what makes digital work. But one thing that can never go … READ MORE »

Tips to Sponsor and Advertise using mag+

One pretty universal truth about the mag+ publishing clients is that they'd like to monetize their apps. While mag+ and the app ecosystem gives creatives—and especially magazines—the best platform for creating digital content, advertising can't be ignored. In fact, mobile, iPad, and tablet publications give advertisers an ideal scenario: the large immersive canvas that makes … READ MORE »
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