Expand your market with Digital Catalog Publishing

Who doesn’t love to shop? Shopping with today’s technology is fun, fast, and easy. Online shopping has nearly supplanted the print mail-order business. If you have a product line that you want to market, what better way to do it than through an interactive mobile app? With so many tablet and smartphone users in the … READ MORE »

Ten Benefits of Publishing Digital Magazines

Are you still unsure of whether to go digital or not? Don’t you already have enough reasons to be convinced? Like it or not, the world is going digital. Today, it is impossible to imagine even a single day without some form of digital connectivity. In every domain, be it health, travel, leisure, or work, we’re … READ MORE »

Diversify Your Revenue Stream with Mobile App Publishing

The challenge today is not print vs digital or about paywalls, but about using brand power to grab revenue wherever you can. Yes, nearly every publisher has to make choices about paywalls but the decisions about how to charge for content pragmatically and not ideologically is what matters. There are multiple ways for publishers to … READ MORE »

Digital Magazines for Tablets: 10 Tips for Creating Better Ads

Oftentimes when reading digital magazines, I get disappointed. I expect more than PDF replicas of the print edition. It's sort of like having a full HD TV and only getting sound. Easy, user-friendly navigation, interactive features like quizzes and checklists and content adapted specifically for the device makes all the difference. Likewise, ads need not … READ MORE »

iPads in Education: Asset, Not Evil

Digital books and digital magazines are not better than their paper predecessors because they're digital. They're better because they create a more immersive experience. You are no longer constricted to explaining with words what Beethoven's 5th symphony sounds like when you can embed a video that visualizes it. You no longer have to jot down … READ MORE »

App Metrics That Matter

Everyone wants their app to be successful, right? But not everyone knows the way. Whether you are publishing Android applications, or publishing apps for iPad, or Kindle, it is absolutely crucial to know the major app metrics that matter and how to measure them. Publishers are thus often curious to know the expected number of … READ MORE »

Leverage Growing mCommerce With Your Own B2C Mobile App

More people own mobile phones than toothbrushes and those who own smartphones are checking them on an average of 85 times per day. If you’re a B2C retailer there’s no doubt you should have a strong mobile presence. In fact, offering the capability to make purchases from one’s own smartphones is becoming increasingly critical to … READ MORE »

Finding Value in Mobile Applications

When considering whether or not building a mobile application makes sense, there are typically three main areas that we should take into account to determine feasibility and potential ROI. The first is the audience: how broadly will the application be used and by whom? Will that audience expand or contract over time? Is mobile, indeed, … READ MORE »

5 Ways to Best Utilize the Native Features to Create Your App

With the exponential increase in the number of mobile apps, have you wondered what’s leading to this? Other than numerous advantages like mobility, cost-savings, convenience, and more; one of the major advantages of creating a mobile app is the ability to easily integrate the native functions in your apps. These feature enhancements enable app users … READ MORE »

How to Price Your Digital Magazine?

Pricing your magazine right is extremely important for the success of your business. Boosted sales and easy conversions are what follows a well-thought-out pricing strategy. But, easier said than done, there is no surefire formula that promises of great sales, as not one price fits all issues and subscriptions. Due to the understandable confusion around … READ MORE »
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