Are You Addicted to Your Smartphone?

How often do you use your smartphone? Can you even quantify that? According to iDigitalTimes, “the average phone user spends 3.6 hours of their day on their device.”  That’s a significant portion of your time! Unless you happen to work in mobile tech or social content creation, I can’t help but wonder what constructive things can …

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Selling Real Estate with a Mobile App

Most people would agree that high-resolution imagery looks amazing on a retina screen. Mobile devices really prove their worth when it comes to selling real estate!   I recently had the opportunity to catch up with Dan Simmons, Design Director at River Digital UK. River Digital is the digital arm of Wordsearch, one of the …

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Surprise! You’re a Publisher

“91% of adults have their mobile phone within arms’ reach 24/7″ –  nielsen   This is just one of a handful of stats along a similar vein. Whatever angle you look at, the facts all point in the same direction – towards the small, touchscreen devices we carry around in our bag, pockets and generally …

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Localytics Raises $35 Million to Take App Analytics to the Next Level

Congrats to Mag+ partner Localytics, a marketing and analytics platform for apps. Localytics secured a $35 million round in Series D funding to further develop its predictive analytics offerings.  To learn more about how Localytics works in 90 seconds, watch the intro video on their homepage here. Localytics offers a free trial and its professional plan is …

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Animate Your Mobile App with Enhanced Slideshows

The last Mag+ update, 5.3, brought a new feature that we’ve been eagerly waiting for: enhanced slideshows. In short, it allows you to put multiple kinds of objects—not just photos—on individual slides in an InDesign-built slideshow, including movies, audio and clickable hotspots. But it’s actually way more powerful than it seems. “Slideshows” has always been …

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Creating Award-Winning Designs for Mobile Publications

Lights Magazine, created on the Mag+ mobile publishing platform, is a creative mobile publication that recently took center stage at the Dallas ADDY awards. Four golds, and one ‘best of show’ award later, we asked Troy Myatt, design director of Tamarack Publishing, to give our readers some tips on what it takes to create award-winning design in …

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