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Get Immersed with the Premier Guitar Digital Magazine App

Reading magazines just got more fun! Customers can experience Premier Guitar Magazine on a different level with their mobile app. Premier Guitar publishes magazines for guitar aficionados with the latest reviews of guitar products and more. The digital magazine provides entertaining  details and interactive experiences to help enhance the magazine reading experience. See how the … Continue


Free exhibition app; The Legacy of Andy Warhol

  Last week the exhibition “The Legacy of Andy Warhol” opened at the art venue, Artipelag in Stockholm Sweden. We went and we loved it! There’s so much to see and a lot of fun interactive sections around the exhibition. For instance; a film and photo booth, screen printing workshops and not to mention the … Continue


mCommerce Is Growing. Is Your B2C Mobile App Taking Advantage?

More people own mobile phones than toothbrushes and those that own smartphones are checking them an average of 85 times per day. If you’re a B2C retailer there’s no doubt you should have a strong mobile presence, but having the ability to make purchases from consumers’ smartphones is becoming increasingly critical to your revenue growth. … Continue


Designd 6.2 Features Slideshow Indicator Color Options

Hey creatives! Mag+’s new 6.2 release includes a new feature which will enable you to further refine your designs.   Since the introduction of slideshows over a year ago, Mag+ designers have been forced to work with a single light grey color for their slide show indicator dots. This has proven to be a point … Continue


Create an event app

  Anyone who’s ever been in the business of planning, arranging, and hosting an event know there can be a lot of  questions, before, during and after the event. Websites and printed event programs and brochures etc are good for taking care of that, but have you ever considered creating an app for your event? … Continue


One .MIB design to Export Rule them all!

Greetings, Designd users! We have some exciting news about our March release. For a few years now, we at Mag+ have been touting our tools as the quickest way to get your content mobilized. Now, we are happy to report that it is getting quicker AND easier! As of the March plug-in update (6.1.3), our … Continue


SGL Mediacast Releases First Issue of New Digital Magazine

To share the inspiring stories of people who’ve done the unthinkable and persevered against all odds—this is SGL Mediacast’s reason for creating its first issue of its new digital magazine, Telescope. Using Mag+ Designd’s multimedia potential, SGL Mediacast created an immersive storytelling experience that wouldn’t be possible via a print edition. This issue of Telescope … Continue