10 Marketing Ideas for Your Magazine

You’ve put your design team to work, to craft the ultimate digital magazine experience. You’ve got a seamless, easy to use interface (thanks to mag+); complete with animation, videos and delightful ways for readers to interact with the app. Not to mention, your content sings. But if you haven’t put a solid marketing strategy in … READ MORE »

Crafting Impactful Push Notifications

Push notifications are a great way to remind your audience not only that your app exists, but that it cares to elevate user experience by introducing new issue release and updates. That said, writing a good push notification can be tricky. Depending on the app marketplace, you’ve only got limited characters to work with. Also, … READ MORE »

Staying Ahead in the Digital Landscape

We all know that the digital landscape is important and can’t be ignored anymore. Data shows customers are actively engaging in the digital services and are willing to utilize or purchase services instantly. In such a scenario, it becomes essential to put your best foot forward and attract online audience. In this blog, we’re discussing … READ MORE »

Migrating Your Existing App to A mag+ App

Publishing your content to mag+ is always quick and easy, but, it is even easier if you are already using another solution, such as a DPS/Twixl or Aquafadas based app. Convert the Issues: You need to start by converting all existing content (.indd files) into mag+ templates using our InDesign plugin. If you are migrating … READ MORE »

mag+ – An Interactive InDesign Plugin

Reading a print magazine, bought from a physical book store is slowly moving out of the scene. Keeping pace with the change in generations, it is time to introduce digital publishing to your content strategy. This will reduce the time spent in visiting a magazine store to buy the latest issue, facilitate the readers to … READ MORE »

Six Powerful Steps for Publishing EBooks

With the rise of ebook readers and distribution platforms, there is no looking back in both ebook publication and consumption. According to a survey report, number of ebook readers in the United States alone was expected to reach 92.2 million in 2019. The popularity of ebooks is often contributed to low pricing, easy availability, and … READ MORE »

10 Valuable Sources for Content Ideation

Repeatedly publishing compelling content and not getting boring is possible only if you beforehand brainstorm promising ideas. This process requires you to understand the target market, identify USPs, and determine problem areas. It becomes simpler if you know the exact destination that inspires you to think productively and come up with interesting content ideas.  This … READ MORE »

Creating an Editorial Calendar

Content fuels the digital magazine industry and if you don’t have a content strategy, you’ll struggle to attract online readers. Editorial calendar is what helps you schedule the content to be produced and distributed across different digital channels over a specified time period. Here are some of the reasons, why you need to create an … READ MORE »

Tools for Magazine Color Selection

Colors are essential to produce great designs, whether it’s the design of a website, magazine, or even a wall of your room. Talking in terms of a magazine, creating a color scheme gives identification to the brand and makes it visually appealing. Maintaining a color connection with your audience is thus as important as delivering … READ MORE »

Ways to Get Great App Reviews

To get great and more app reviews is what every app publisher craves for. It’s a way to get more visibility and get stamped as admired by your users. Being highly rated improves your search ranking in the app stores, helps convince users to select your app over your competitor’s app and best of all, … READ MORE »
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