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Push It! Drive Sales With Targeted Notifications

With the rise of mobile, it’s become easier than ever for consumers to access content whenever they want, wherever they go. But that increased ease of access has also resulted in increased competition for the companies providing that content. To stay ahead of the curve, companies need to leverage modern tools like push notifications, which … Continue


Planning for Success: GE Appliances Sales App

On the ground sales teams are no longer simply communicating verbally with potential consumers; they are using mobile devices that promote higher levels of interactivity to connect with consumers in a stronger way. If your company’s sales team lacks a mobile app, this case study will make you think twice. Fortune 500 company, General Electric, … Continue


Comcast Navigate: A Perfect Example of Mobile Sales Simplification

Comcast Wholesale, a division of Comcast Cable, provides media, communications, advertising and technology businesses simplified access to the latest in networking, content delivery, subscriber experience and digital asset management. The company describes one uniting goal: to make the path to digital delivery easier to follow. When simplification is at the core of the business, company sales … Continue

Niche Mobile Apps: The New Landing Page

Landing pages: We know them as a single webpage with a specific purpose and a particular offering. While they are nothing new, and maybe even a bit boring and expected, mobile apps seem to be replacing the concept of the online landing page—and we love it! A study by comScore revealed that US smartphone users … Continue

The United Nations: Reaching a New Mobile Audience

The United Nations Office in Geneva is continuously working for peace and human rights. Together with Mag+, UNOG developed a mobile app for their 2014 Annual Report. The app outlines the year’s main activities and achievements, giving its new mobile audience a broad perspective of the office’s work and allows them to learn more about the United … Continue

Is Your App Jumpin’?

We don’t want to jump to any conclusions, but we bet you’ll enjoy this creative tip: How to add jump links to a horizontal panning block. Jump links are great because they make it possible to conveniently direct from one place to another place in your Mag+ app. Adding jump links to vertical scrolling or panning blocks … Continue

Increase App Engagement and User Retention with Oplytic

One of the biggest challenges that digital marketers face is app abandonment. Whether your app is commercial or private, if no one uses it, you’re wasting your time and money. With this in mind, Mag+ is excited to announce that our partner, Oplytic, has added powerful new engagement features to their mobile marketing analytics software. … Continue

Are You Addicted to Your Smartphone?

How often do you use your smartphone? Can you even quantify that? According to iDigitalTimes, “the average phone user spends 3.6 hours of their day on their device.”  That’s a significant portion of your time! Unless you happen to work in mobile tech or social content creation, I can’t help but wonder what constructive things can … Continue

Selling Real Estate with a Mobile App

Most people would agree that high-resolution imagery looks amazing on a retina screen. Mobile devices really prove their worth when it comes to selling real estate!   I recently had the opportunity to catch up with Dan Simmons, Design Director at River Digital UK. River Digital is the digital arm of Wordsearch, one of the … Continue