Migrating Your Existing App to A mag+ App

Migrating your existing app to a mag+ app

Publishing your content to mag+ is always quick and easy, but, it is even easier if you are already using another solution, such as a DPS/Twixl or Aquafadas based app.

Convert the Issues:

You need to start by converting all existing content (.indd files) into mag+ templates using our InDesign plugin. If you are migrating from Adobe DPS, then all the articles from that content can be converted into mag+ verticals by using the Import DPS Tool automatically.

If you are coming from any other solution, then you need to migrate them manually to mag+ templates using the InDesign plugin. You could also enhance your existing content with more layer-based interactivities which is very intuitive once you use the mag+ plugin.

Creating Content Package:

Once all the content mapping has been done to the mag+ templates, you are ready to use the mag+ Production tool that has already been installed in your system when you downloaded the plugin. Using the Production tool you can take the layouts created or converted from the InDesign plugin and package them together into a MIB (mag+ issue bundle).

Publishing your Content Package:

In the mag+ Publish portal, create an app using the same package name (i.e., com.yourdomain.appname) of your existing application on Apple App Store as you used before. In case of Android app use the same GooglePlay License Key. Also, fill in all other required elements for your app at specified areas in the mag+ portal. You can get more information on how to do this, from Publish portal steps.

Generating the App

After all necessary branding assets including app icon, brand icons, and colors have been added on mag+ publish portal you are now all set to publish your new and improved mag+ based app. You can upload the same provisioning profile as before for iOS apps and for Android you would have to have the same set of keystore file and password as your original app. Upload them to the applicable areas and you are all set to generate your revamped app.

Product Subscriptions:

If you had subscriptions in your previous app, you can even continue using the same subscription for the users by using the same product code and they would get mapped automatically to your new mag+ app.

Submit mag+ based App to the Marketplace:

When you are happy with your new app, upload a new version to Apple App store, Google Play Store or Amazon Store. See more steps to Submit your app.