1. What is mag+?

mag+ is a combination of tools for creating, reviewing, publishing and distributing engaging mobile apps to Android, iOS, and Kindle platforms.

2. What can I do with mag+?

mag+ allows you to design, enrich, and publish your own branded mobile app. You can completely personalize your app using mag+ custom app development SDK. You can design and enrich your content using the mag+ plugin for Adobe InDesign. With the help of mag+ reviewer app, you can preview the designed pages (known as verticals) in real-time on any device. Once designed, you can easily publish your content using mag+ publish portal. You can keep track of your app and user behavior using various third-party Analytics services integrated with mag+. Also, you can monetize your app using integrated third-party ad services, in-app purchases, and subscription API.

3. How can I get started with mag+?

Getting started with mag+ tools is quite easy and simple. You need to register yourself with mag+ and download a set of free mag+ tools.

4. Is there any Getting started guide available for mag+ tools?

Yes, please refer to Getting started guide for getting started with mag+ tools. It helps you to install the software, create content, and the next steps in order to publish content. Also, the Video Tutorials provide short and hands-on examples of using mag+ tools and learn more about the different features.

5. Why am I asked to register before downloading the mag+ tools?

When you register yourself with mag+, an account of yours is created. The same account is mapped with the purchased licenses once the purchase is made. You may call us on our toll-free number +1 866-978-1008 or email your purchase query to sales@magplus.com for more information.

6. How do I download the mag+ tools?

Please refer to the steps given below for downloading the free mag+ tools.
Step 1: Navigate to the Signup Page and create your account. Step 2: After successful login, you will be directed to the download page of mag+ creative tools. Select the Adobe InDesign version and choose the desired operating system (MAC OS X or Windows). Step 3: Click on the Download button to start the download.

7. Do I need to have InDesign skills before going for mag+?

Yes, to achieve the full potential of mag+ you should have basic knowledge of the Adobe InDesign tool as mag+ features are built on top of it.

8. What services does mag+ offer to customers?

mag+ services can be divided into the following categories:
Creative Services assists in designing and creation of a new digital document or vertical from scratch, it also helps you in converting an existing digital document to mag+ format.
Consulting Services includes setting a roadmap for strategic and technical requirements of a customer which will add business value.
Support Services provides comprehensive guidance and professional services to those who are short of time or do not have resources to manage by themselves. Managed App Submission (MAS) and Managed App Update (MAU) are a few examples.
SDK Services provides full support to those who want to go one step ahead and build new stuff on the top of mag+ features. It may include configuration of new menus, adding third-party services or customization of the store and library.

9. How can I use mag+ SDK for custom development?

mag+ SDK allows you to completely customize your app experience. You can use existing mag+ tool set and backend for the app distribution and add new features on top of that to build a customized app.
Unlike a regular mag+ app, you can change the menu and navigation, add third-party services, customize the store and library, and add many other unique features. Please refer to the mag+ SDK tools for detailed information. Contact sales@magplus.com for more details.

10. How can we animate PDF using mag+ tools?

You can animate your PDF by adding animated objects created either from a third-party tool or from mag+ itself. You can further increase the PDF interactivity by adding popups, overlays, audio, video, and numerous other elements. This can be easily done with the help of mag+ features. For more information, please visit the Video Tutorials.

11. How can I distribute my App to Apple, Android and Kindle stores?

mag+ publisher backend has the ability to generate apps for the different app stores. You can download these apps and distribute them across different stores. Once you purchase the mag+ licenses, a login will be created for you with admin access with which you can access your App account. Please follow this link for more detailed information for publishing across stores.

12. How may I know about latest mag+ offers?

Please visit www.magplus.com for all the latest offers. You can follow our website for the product updates, insights and tips on mag+. In case of any latest updates or offers, we also send individual emails to all our valuable clients to keep them well-informed. Alternately, please register yourself with us. We would get back to you with the latest offers on our products and services.

13. How can I purchase mag+ licenses and services?

mag+ licenses can be directly purchased from our website www.magplus.com by following the below steps:
Select the license option you want to purchase from pricing page. Click on ‘Buy Now’ button provided with each license.
Fill the necessary details like account and billing information and click Subscribe. Your account will be created and mapped with the purchased license.
Additionally. mag+ services can be purchased by getting in touch with our team at sales@magplus.com. The mag+ team will create and send you the invoice against which you need to make payment.
Once the payment is received, an account is created and mapped to the subscribed service.

14. What are different types of mag+ pricing packages?

We understand that each customer has unique requirements and budgets, and that is why we offer a range of flexible solutions that align with your business goals, whether you are a small start-up or a large enterprise. Get in touch at sales@magplus.com, and we will work out the best option for you!

15. What are the available payment methods?

Common Payment methods available to mag+ customers are
Wire Transfer / Direct Debit.
Credit cards

16. How can I contact mag+ team?

You can reach mag+ customer support across 24*5. You may call our toll free number +1 866-978-1008 or email in your query details to sales@magplus.com. Please refer to Contact us page for support across various geographies.

17. How are new mag+ customers on-boarded?

We have a dedicated account manager for every customer who helps customers during on-boarding till the customer gets acquitted with the mag+ tools and services. The account manager facilitates the support required from different teams, be it technical support or billing support, etc.

18. How can I get my App issue resolved?

There are various channels through which you can raise your App issues with the mag+ team.
You can drop an email to support@magplus.com. A support ticket will be created for you which you can keep a track on. The tracking link will be sent to you via an email. You may call us at +1 866-978-1008 and we will assist you with your App issue. You can email your dedicated account manager who will facilitate the support for resolving the problem at hand.

19. How can I get my payment and billing issue resolved?

There are various channels through which you can raise your payment and billing issues with mag+
You can email the issue to your dedicated account manager who will facilitate the support.
You can send an email to billing@magplus.com
You may call us at +1 866-978-1008 and we will assist you with the problem.

20. What magazine contents are supported by mag+

mag+ currently supports the below formats:

  • MIB (mag+ issue bundle)
  • PDF
  • Video
  • HTML
21. How to install the mag+ tool correctly?

You should always quit the InDesign application before starting with the installation for mag+.

22. Can we customize the UI of a mag+ app?

Yes, mag+ provides you with the ability to customize the look and feel of its app, by allowing multiple locales, colors and control over images and texts.

23. Detail your search engine and keyword functionality.

mag+ offers two types of search functionalities within the app:
– Library Level Search: A library refers to collection of Issues. A user can perform a search for the specific Issues and descriptions within the library e.g.
– Issue Level Search: A user can search the keywords within the magazine issues. A search bar is located at the top of the window in which user types the keyword. The results show the searched keyword for every page inside the issue.

24. Can hyperlinks for additional content (e.g., web pages, videos) and promotional messaging (forms to solicit memberships) be incorporated into each issue?

Yes, Hyperlinks & Promotional Messaging can be incorporated using the mag+ tool.

25. Is there a limit on the amount of hyperlinks per page?

There is no limit to the number of hyperlinks that can be added per page.

26. Can supplemental material, such as weekly blogs, be incorporated into published issues?

Yes, mag+ provides the functionality to incorporate supplemental material such as weekly blogs into published issues using the live window feature of the mag+ tool.

27. Do you provide end-users with the ability to view the magazine in replica or mobile-friendly formats (smartphones, tablets)?

The magazines created using mag+ are in mobile friendly format for both smartphones and tablets. The content is easy to read and supports layouts for all devices including iPhone, iPad & Android devices.
The app will be a white label application using a proprietary content format for mag+. This content can be customized to all mobile friendly formats using specific templates for various device screen-sizes.

28. Is your content formatted by viewing device (e.g., smartphone, tablet and desktop)?

Yes, mag+ provides a variety of options wherein content can be formatted to specific device sizes.
You can choose to create content for base device types and the content can be gracefully formatted for other device sizes through mag+ tool.
Additionally, mag+ can export the developed content for desktops with our web export feature.

29. Do you provide all security and operating system (e.g., Apple, Android, Windows) updates for all smartphone, tablet and desktop environments?

For Android, mag+ supports from Android v4.4 and above.
For iOS, mag+ supports iOS 9 and above.
mag+ plugin is compatible with InDesign CS5 and higher and available for OS X (10.9 and above) and Windows (7 and above).

30. Do you host the digital magazines—both current and back issues—on your servers?

Yes, mag+ can host the digital magazines on our servers. Hosting of upto 1 TB per month is free and bundled in the mag+ license. If the hosting exceeds 1 TB, there is a nominal charge of $0.17/GB.

31. What is cost-per-issue for this service?

There is no cost associated with hosting the issues at mag+ servers up to 1TB per month as it is bundled with the license costs. There is a nominal charge of $0.17/GB if the hosting exceeds the 1TB per month limit.

32. What sort of marketing tools do you offer to promote new issues?

With mag+, your magazine is not piggybacked with other magazines on a common platform. Apps made through mag+ are white label applications and you are free to do the kind of branding required by them.
For marketing new issues, we offer both immediate and also scheduled push notifications for end users e.g. End users can be sent a notification whenever you upload a new issue.
mag+ provides a lot of flexibility to create subscription models and promotional offers at its end to market the content. mag+ also provides support to feature issues as featured content inside the app.
With the option to integrate with third party analytics tools such as Localytics, Omniture, Flurry, and Google Analytics, you can use the intelligence and plan to market your issues accordingly.

33. What options are available to register new subscribers?

Using mag+, you get the flexibility to create a user subscription, which can then be integrated using our Subscription APIs. mag+ also provides the ability to host internal subscriptions on its servers which can then be integrated with mag+.

34. Do you establish and maintain apps for titles in Apple and Android stores?

Yes, mag+ can create and publish apps/titles in Apple and Android stores for its customer.
We provide the app submission services where we build the app on your behalf on our publish portal and publish it on the Apple App store and Google Play Store.

35. Detail the functionality of your app (e.g., do you allow end-users to access and manage multiple back issues?).

mag+ allows end users to access the current and the back issues easily within the app library.
On purchase of mag+ License, the customer will get access to the mag+ publish portal. Through this portal, the customer can build & set up their white label app and manage Issues and the associated content through subscription and categories.

36. What sort of analytics does your system provide (e.g., page visits, time spent, search topics, user navigation, content shares)?

mag+ provides the ability to:
Check the number of successful downloads of any given issue. This includes automatic newsstand downloads as well as user-initiated downloads Track the number of single-issue purchases
In addition, mag+ tool can be integrated with third party analytics tools such as Localytics, Omniture, Flurry, and Google Analytics. This will allow you to get other information such as no. of times the article/issue was viewed, shared, opened, downloaded etc.

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