Why choose mag+?


Multi-channel publishing

Push your content across multiple channels with a single click. Now publish with ease on your own branded App, web and/or social channels and broaden your reach to attract more customers.

Interactive content creation

Create and design unique content in minutes with an intuitive drag and drop editor. Enhance your brand identity and maximize your business potential with specifically-curated content for all your enterprise requirements.

Advanced content management System

Create, edit, and manage all your content from a central console with mag+’s advanced content management system, which will enable your team to work more effectively together while maximizing collaboration.

Performance tracking and monetization

Mag+ lets you know more about your customer’s choices by compiling engagement data such as the number of downloads, page views, daily views, and much more. You can set targets, analyze your performance, measure your progress, and improve overall output with our intuitive analytics.

Increase productivity with existing workflow

Managing your existing content is super easy with mag+. Import your content from PDFs, HTML, or InDesign files and transform your content into mobile-friendly and interactive digital outputs that are measurable during each step of the workflow.

Our flexible digital publishing solutions for:

White Papers/
Annual Reports
Magazines and

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How it works

Mag+ makes it easy to publish your content to your own mobile app. From text to video to interactive elements, no matter the source, the mag+ software lets you bring your content to life on tablets and phones with no coding and no hassles.

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mag+ Platforms

Whether your goal is to create and publish content from scratch or to distribute your designed content to a targeted audience, our platforms are designed to deliver visually-appealing and engaging content across multiple channels with ease and without coding.

mag+ Now

Create and distribute fully responsive content across channels without needing in-depth technical expertise.

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mag+ Designd

Create highly interactive, multimedia layouts that are native to the touchscreens by using our powerful plug-in for Adobe InDesign, the most popular design software in the world.

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