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mag+ Now brings the power of a highly advanced HTML5 authoring tool to the mag+ platform to create stunning responsive HTML content. With mag+ Now, you may publish your content seamlessly to your own branded mobile app, micro-sites, and/or social platforms.

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Why choose mag+ Now

Responsive layout

Create and deliver stunning responsive content that automatically resizes to fit any screen, whether it be desktop, mobile, or tablet devices; our responsive layout improves content production by 60 percent.

Feature rich

Improve the customer experience and engagement with an array of interactive features such as video, image, slideshows, podcast, pop-ups, accordions, and quizzes.

Page templates to improve efficiency

Choose from pre-defined templates or create reusable branded template to speed up your content creation process.

Live preview

Preview your content instantly to proof its appearance across devices before publishing.

Accessible on all devices

Create your content once and make it accessible across devices with a single click.

Cloud based hosting

Access your content from anywhere and at any time with a cloud-based web platform to improve collaboration.

Branded micro-sites

Expand the reach of your curated content by publishing it on branded micro-sites with a single click.

HTML package

Download content as standalone HTML packages to host on your website(s).

Drag and drop page builder

Effortlessly design your pages, documents, and apps with intuitive drag and drop features.

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