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Arizona Alumni iPad Magazine

The University of Arizona, located in Tucson, Arizona, has been printing Arizona Alumni Magazine for years. But with so many people purchasing iPads and consuming their content through iPad apps and magazines, the school decided to launch Arizona Alumni iPad Magazine, with none other than mag+ platform! Utilizing the mag+ features, the magazine is very … READ MORE »

Famous Footwear Uses Digital Publishing Tools for New M-Commerce App

National footwear retailer Famous Footwear launched The Famous Footwear Stylezine, a seasonal style magazine that showcases new looks and allows customers to browse and purchase shoes available on their website and in their 1,000+ retail locations. Created on the mag+ platform, the app provides a shopping experience that is truly a departure from what consumers … READ MORE »

From InDesign to iPad: New York Magazine Delights Readers

Going strong for more than a half-decade, New York Magazine launched its iPad app on Monday, April 1, 2013, and subsequently marked its presence on iOS and Android devices. The iPad app is created with the mag+ Software Development Kit (SDK)  and takes full advantage of Apple’s iOS platform. With mag+ tools, already inspiring content seamlessly … READ MORE »

Maserati iPad Apps: Interactive e-brochure (World Luxury Award Winner)

Maserati backed by mag+ platform sets a perfect example of how the automobile industry can make the best use of digital publishing practices. Maserati iPad apps are a source of design inspiration and delight to watch. Beautifully showcasing their e-brochure as an iPad app, Maserati assists its consumers in exploring the exclusive world of interactive … READ MORE »

Ways to Distribute Your Digital Magazine

Digital magazines emerge as a success when backed by a powerful strategy. Every single step for publishing your magazine dramatically impacts its market value and if done right, paves the path of glory. Distribution is one such important aspect that determines the future of how well your magazine is accepted and praised by the readers. … READ MORE »

How to Create an Appealing Magazine Cover?

According to you, what makes a magazine bestseller? Your answer may be great content and great design, and you’re absolutely right too. And, what in the first place makes the audience flip over the magazine pages and go through that “great content” and “great design”? An appealing magazine cover is an apt response. A magazine … READ MORE »

Steps for Creating a Magazine At Home

Making a magazine is exciting and a lot of fun. It helps in exploring your creativity and at the same time brings in a lifetime achievement. The reason to embark on this priceless journey might be any, you might want to express your ideas, make connections, feed your soul or maybe grow your business. Otherwise, … READ MORE »

Tips to Effectively Use Photos on Your Magazine Cover

Right image in the right place is essential to create the right impact on the audience of your magazine. We, humans, are visual learners and quickly interpret a message or emotion on seeing. Emphasizing this is a statement that we’ve heard and experienced ourselves, “a picture says more than a thousand words”. Thus, effectively using … READ MORE »

Reasons to Publish a Magazine in the Local Language

There might have been times when you wanted to publish a magazine in a native language but then dropped the idea. Or if you went ahead, you were unsure whether it’ll attract readers or entirely go unnoticed. The reason could have been any like the restricted audience, limited vocabulary, the perception of a huge market … READ MORE »
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