Improve user-experience with Social Log-in

App developers have lost many sleepless nights in identifying ways to make their app’s user experience as seamless as possible. After all, the better the user experience, the more likely it is for your user to enjoy the app, thereby keeping him hooked and improving engagement. One of the aspects that drive the user experience is the amount of friction that a user feels while using the app. The friction could come from unnecessary in-app advertisement, pop-ups, lack of personalization, too much data entry tasks. Among the many points of friction, the prominent one seems to be the user login/sign-up step.

User Sign-up

This is one of the most important steps in your user acquisition journey. All of your sales and marketing efforts led the user into downloading your application on his smartphone. Now suppose, if he were to open the application and find a long registration form for sign-up, he is likely to procrastinate this action or worse delete the application and move to your competitor who is, presumably, having a better login experience. As per a user survey conducted by blue research, 54% of users said they may actually leave an app and go to another, rather than complete an individual registration form. What’s even worse, all of the carefully curated sales & marketing efforts have gone to waste, increasing your overall customer acquisition cost even further.

Takeaway: A seamless sign-up process can be the difference between a user adopting your application or churning at the sign-up page.

Don’t be sorry, be better!

Different developers have implemented different solutions to optimize for this. On the one extreme, some developers have removed the sign-up process altogether. They are happy with allowing the user to access the application without having to enter any user information. Although a simple solution, it makes it impossible for you to gather useful data from the user. Without data, you will not be able to determine which segment of users is most likely to like your app. It also makes it impossible for you to launch future campaigns and improve customer engagement. On the other extreme, some developers still use a short login form, capturing a username and password and other demographic details. Although it solves the user data problem, it still acts as an impediment to a seamless user experience. Moreover, the user has to remember the login details the next time he tries to open the app. In fact, almost 86% of the users surveyed reported being bothered by creating new accounts.

Is there a better way to solve this problem? As it turns out, corporations have already solved this: by using a single sign-on process for its users. This allows the user to access multiple applications without having to sign up/login to applications separately.

Similarly, we can leverage a user’s social media information to implement the single sign-on based solution for the sign-up problem.

In the next set of blog posts, we will be talking more about the benefits of the social-sign in process and how you can enable this feature for your mag+ powered app.