5 Ways to Best Utilize the Native Features to Create Your App

5 Ways to Best Utilize the Native Features to Create Your App

With the exponential increase in the number of mobile apps, have you wondered what’s leading to this? Other than numerous advantages like mobility, cost-savings, convenience, and more; one of the major advantages of creating a mobile app is the ability to easily integrate the native functions in your apps. These feature enhancements enable app users to perform quick actions in addition to simply consuming content. Helping adorn your content app, this blog lists five native functions that you can easily add to your mag+ app.

1. Incorporate Maps:

Helping end users locate a position on the map can’t get easier. Anytime you’re referencing a location in your content, it’s easy to add a hot link that opens either Google maps or the native Maps application in case of iOS. By default, when a map opens, the user is asked for access to the current location, so as to display the directions. But while creating your mobile app, you can also add directions or other queries directly into the link.

2. Add Email Links:

We’re huge believers in providing lots of feedback mechanisms in your app, and adding a pre-populated email link is one of the easiest. This ability to send an email can be used for other things as well, including sharing a story (where you can pre-populate the body of the email with the text); let your customers send a query to your sales team, or to an advertiser; or encouraging users to email someone else, like an organization.

3. Click to Call:

Any time you’re listing a phone number in your mobile app, you can make that number clickable, so that tapping it starts a call—a seamless and fastest way to let your customers contact you.

4. Add a Custom Form:

Another great tool for feedback is to add a form directly into your content— could be a survey about your app or an RFP tool for your sales app. An easier way to get up and running is to make a form in Google Drive and easily track the responses by receiving them in a Google Drive spreadsheet.

5. Add Note Taking:

Adding an HTML-based note-taking tool is one of the coolest functions. For an event app, sales app, or an educational app, it leaves the door wide open for utility. One may present a persistent button, which when clicked, opens the note-taking function in the local storage of a device or a browser window.

Helping you integrate the above native features, mag+ empowers you to transform your simple content app into a better version. This permits your app to best utilize the mobile medium and stand apart from other digital publishing alternatives.