Ten Benefits of Publishing Digital Magazines

Ten Benefits of Publishing Digital Magazines

Are you still unsure of whether to go digital or not? Don’t you already have enough reasons to be convinced? Like it or not, the world is going digital. Today, it is impossible to imagine even a single day without some form of digital connectivity. In every domain, be it health, travel, leisure, or work, we’re all dependent on our handheld devices.

Like any other industry, the publishing industry is no different. Realizing that digital is no longer a fad, an increasing number of publications are exclusively switching to digital or adding digital content to their business strategy. 

To help you better understand where the digital industry is headed, here are a few stats:

  1. Global Digital 2019 report states that globally, there are 5.11 billion unique mobile users, an increase of 100 million since 2018.
  2. According to a survey conducted by Mequoda, as much as 60% of US magazine readers prefer digital editions over other alternatives.

Clearly evident from the numbers above, consumers are spending more time with their mobiles and enthusiastically engaging with digital magazines. Helping you decide further, below are some of the top wonders of digital magazines:

1. Easy access to content

The most important reason as to why digital magazines are preferred is that we spend a lot of our time online. Not limited by any time of day, our reading habits involve extensive use of online information. Digital publications make it simpler for us to save our favorite articles, share them, make a community, and discuss online.

2. Instantaneous Access

Buying and reading digital magazines is no doubt a quick and easy process. Sitting at the comforts of our home, one can instantly buy the digital edition of his choice. It can be accessed and read anytime, anywhere – during travel, lunch-break, or while waiting at a coffee shop. Rather than handling a heap of books, one can access information, instantaneously on his fingertips.

3. Portable and Convenient

Digital magazines are portable and can be accessed as per a user’s convenience. With digital magazines, a reader can carry multiple issues together instead of carrying multiple printed magazines.

4. Global Presence

Once published, a digital magazine will be globally available. An author can reach a worldwide audience to share his story and thoughts. Geographical borders are thus no more a barrier.

Moreover, the readers may easily share digital magazines among their friends and family, which further enhances the publication’s user base.

5. Interactivity

Being more interactive than printed versions, digital magazines provide a better user experience. In addition to adding highly engaging images, audio, and video, one can pique users’ interest by showcasing enthralling 360-degree views, pop-ups, weblinks, and many other interactive elements.

An author can further enhance user engagement by making two-way communication possible, using push-notifications and feedback forms.

6. Cost-Efficient

When compared to similar processes for printed magazines, the creation and distribution process of digital magazines is much more cost-effective. There are no additional expenses on printing, binding and delivering. And yeah, you got it right, no losses occur due to unsold copies. 

7. Analytics

Digital analytics services help authors gain an in-depth understanding of user behavior and usage statistics. One can easily check who is clicking on the pages, reading the content, liking or disliking, and sharing on social networks. Getting this level of usage analytics is just not feasible for traditional printed magazines. Digital analytics services help authors gain an in-depth 

8. Sustainability

With an infinite life-span, a digital publication remains the same, even after years of usage. Printed magazines, however, deteriorate with each passing year. There are also chances of the print getting lighter, paper quality degradation, and similar issues.

9. Monetization

Authors can sell a variety of well-placed ad spaces or advertise their own services or products. Not only can they use digital features to create interactive ads, but also better target their audience, resulting in better conversions and increased sales.

10. Easy to Update

Editing text in a print magazine is nothing less than a nightmare. Once the copies are printed, it becomes impossible to modify anything. In that case, the only solution is printing a completely new edition. Editing a digital magazine, however, is extremely easy. An author can easily edit the text, keeping the layout and number of pages the same. Thus, an up-to-date magazine is a matter of a few updates.

To sum up, digital magazines offer an entirely new paradigm and they’re revolutionizing the age-old publishing trends. From offering interactivity to convenience, they are always up-to-date and offer value for money. The majority of magazine publishers have already adopted this digital transformation to stay on top of the industry curve. So, what are you waiting for? Set your goals today and swing the odds in your favor by adopting the right strategies for publishing a digital magazine.