How to Increase Engagement and Drive Traffic to Your Digital Magazine Content?

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With so many digital magazines out there and many more emerging on daily basis, it’s essential to attract readers by creating highly engaging content.

As the saying goes, content is king and thus, robust content creation is indispensable. For your magazine to be awaited and loved, it needs to be backed by an outstanding content, a content that is unique, informative, self-sufficient, and appealing to the readers. It will not only result in ecstatic consumer base but also establish your market reputation and improve organic search rankings.

Thus, simply churning out the content is not enough anymore; it is what every other person is doing online. If this is the case, you may have a hard time surviving in this competitive industry.

Without further ado, let’s get going with the proven methods of creating engaging content. Here are a few tips on how you can interactively influence your audience and let them crave for more.

Prevail With Eye-Catching Headlines

This is the first content that meets the eyes of your readers and hence the most important chance to attract them to continue reading. It is the deciding factor of whether it is compelling enough to inculcate interest and convince your audience to proceed further or will be entirely ignored.

Try to curate an irresistible as well as SEO friendly heading to enhance the number of clicks and views. It has been overtime proved that an article with catchy headlines and subheads any day receives more views than an ordinary one. Look for what’s trending in your niche, take inspiration from the top leaders in your industry and strategize your heading generation practices. For example, a headline like “Top 10 Technology Magazines” instantly boosts user curiosity to know about the top technology magazines in the market.

Deliver High-Quality Content

The success of your digital magazine is centralized around the generation of valuable, informative, and loved content. Take out some time to identify what type of content resonates best with your audience. Depending upon the received response, develop a master plan and gratify your audience with preferred and gripping content.

Enhance the value of your well-written content by carefully adding keywords so as to rank them higher in the organic searches. It is often recommended to target long-tail keywords as these are the best source to be easily found in the search engines. For example, instead of using ‘Healthy recipes’, optimize your content by adding keywords like ‘Healthy sandwich recipe’ or ‘health friendly sandwich recipe’.

Being tempted to gain more clicks and page views is obvious, but while focusing on delivering a large number of articles, it is always suggested to never compromise quality over quantity. Thus, valuable content even if less frequent, will definitely attract new customers and keep the existing ones.

Add More Visual Content

Pages full of textual content or those with interactive visual content, which will you prefer reading? If you’re also like the majority of the readers, you will surely enjoy content that is visible and easily comprehensible.

Say, an audible route map is associated with a cycling tutorial or a flow-chart is used to display the steps involved in cleaning your automobile, we will enjoy going through these contents and also the information can be easily recalled in future.

Similarly, a how-to tutorial for baking a cake will always be preferred over reading the recipe of the same. Moreover, it has already been proved that videos are a big part of what people love to see online.

textual content

(A) Textual Content

(B) Visual Content

On comparing the above two examples, which one do you find attractive? Obviously the second visual based content is more likely to engage audience and motivate to read further.

Include Interactive Features

Simply converting a PDF replica is no more a reasonable choice. Alternatively, it is suggested to utilize the digital medium to its full potential.

Boost interactivity by integrating features like table of contents so that the user can easily land upon the desired page. Design winsome user-interface and ensure that the readers have a wonderful time reading the magazine. Send notifications to your customers to inform them about the latest articles or editions. If relevant, utilize maps and positional context to deliver location-specific services. Showing relevant and engaging ads is also a great idea to enhance interactivity and generate revenue at the same time.

interactive features

Update and Optimize Your Content

Posting a great content is cool but hard work doesn’t end here, there’s a lot more to do. To become a reliable source of information, you need to update the previously added content with the latest facts and figures. If required, rewrite to meet the needs of modern readers. In addition to widening your consumer base, it’ll bring you credibility and goodwill.

Other than continuously updating your content, it should also be optimized for different screen sizes used by your audience. A responsive content which can be easily read across all platforms is essential to provide your readers with unparalleled online reading experience. Optimizing for Screen Size is highly important to keep your readers engaged.

Manage Consistency

Consistently posting user-oriented articles in your magazine will drive immense interest amongst the audience. This is how you can convince your readers to stick around and look for more. It will help you in adding numbers to the list of returning and loyal users.

Possessing this ability to attract the readers with your brand value has untold advantages. All of us have experienced a fan moment where we eagerly waited for our favourite brands to launch another product or service of an existing product range. So, you may feel the same excitement that will be encountered by your fans when you give them all the reasons to bond.

Incorporate Internal Links

Often you may restrict the content due to space constraints or other predetermined factors. In such a case, you can assist your readers with additional contextual information by providing internal links to your own website or other pages or videos of interests in the previous editions.

Following this tactic, users will end up spending more time on your content and develops a higher chance of coming back. Not only this, it’ll also help you in improving the SEO rankings.

Utilize Web Analytics

Gone are those days when publishers had to invest endless hours and efforts to gather the numbers crucial for their business strategy. Now, technology has made it possible to sit at your office desk and visualize the detailed performance of your magazines.

Utilize this data to see patterns and formulate the future strategy accordingly. For example, if you notice that you’re getting huge referral traffic from Facebook, then consider investing more in Facebook marketing and building a special bond with your audience. The compiled analytics’ data will also help you in providing better services to your readers by serving them with more of the content they admire and share.

Leverage Social Media

Social media platforms are an excellent medium to instantly and emotionally connect with your users. According to various business researches, a majority of the leads are generated through LinkedIn or Twitter. Thus, you are advised to remain active on these platforms in addition to others that are relevant to your business model.

When you talk of enhancing engagement through social media, it is always better to consistently post short and engaging content instead of one-time bulky post. In addition, these platforms include sharing options and broaden the reach of your magazines. Who knows if you’re lucky enough to enjoy a particular article or video becoming viral over the internet. Want to make the most of this winning strategy?

Tweak Upon Consumer Feedback

Don’t be perplexed on receiving a negative feedback or lesser views on a particular article. Responding and improving upon consumer feedbacks is crucial for the success of any industry. It holds decisive value for your organization’s image and impact on customers.

Your customers continue to engage if their feedbacks are appreciated, heard, and improved upon. Take time to react by quickly replying, sending emails, or organizing personal meetings. Invest time in hearing what they have to say, improving their overall experience and fixing the faced issues.

Final Thoughts

Delivering engaging content is completely possible with excellent strategies. It just requires you to get creative and think out of the box. At the same time, the value and quality of the content should never be overlooked and kept at the highest priority.

Above mentioned focused approaches will immensely benefit you with advanced content engagement. As an end result, it’ll help you achieve your goals of acclaimed brand awareness, a higher rate of conversions, and long-term relationships.