How to Stand Out From the Crowd in the Digital Publishing Industry

What makes leading digital publications so successful? Are you often thinking about this question and want to adopt the same strategies? This is where we come to your rescue. With the increasing popularity of digital publications, it has become extremely important to attract new clients and retain the previous ones. Every day, new changes and … READ MORE »

6 Effective Ways to Market Your Print Magazine in Today’s Digital World

You’ve published an outstanding print magazine with engaging articles, attractive images, and eye-catching design format. Now, what’s next? What should be the next steps to attract more users and retain the existing ones? What’s to be done to make a distinguished presence in this competitive market? Answers to all such questions converge to one single … READ MORE »

10 Key Benefits of Web Magazine

If you’re here, chances are you are wondering if creating a web magazine is worth the time and effort. Maybe you wish to be right away assured of a high return on your investments. This is absolutely fine, such situations are often faced by the digital publishers or those making a fresh move towards online … READ MORE »

Thinking of Publishing a Magazine? Consider Your Options- Print, Digital, Or Both

Valuable Information, Check. Unique and Engaging Content, Check. Attractive Design, Check. Well done! Now, you are all set to publish a magazine. Becoming a magazine publisher can change your life forever. It is one of the most rewarding tasks you might ever come across where you can impact thousands and even millions of people worldwide. … READ MORE »

Guidelines for Adobe InDesign CC: Page layout & Design tools

Adobe InDesign CC, a desktop publishing software to create and publish industry-standard print and digital publications. This intuitive software permits us to keep pace with responsive and competent publications of any kind- posters, eBook, brochure, digital magazine, interactive PDF, and others.   Summarizing Adobe InDesign in just a few simple steps-   Choose settings. Choose … READ MORE »

Book Publishing Software and its Functions

The right book publishing software is all that you need to make your writing worthwhile and rejoice with a powerful online existence. Wondering how?   Starting right from drafting the first document to the fruitful results of digital publication, the book publishing software provides all the tools to make the publication process way more effective, … READ MORE »

Looking for innovative application of technology? mag+ is your answer !

The moment we talk about the impacts of technology on our lives, what pops up instantly? Well, I get the answer if I look around.   Yes, you too guessed it right. Mobile phones, tablets, and other touchscreen devices exist all around us. Be it the workplace, home, tourist spot, they are present everywhere irrespective … READ MORE »

mag+ is the right choice to publish your digital magazine, know how.

Have you compiled all your content and decided to publish the digital magazine? Great! After all the hurdles and endless hours of thinking, you are now all set to launch your digital magazine. Once determined, you’re halfway there.   Now another important question arises- How to publish?   Well, to make a strong impact on … READ MORE »

App Store Optimization in 11 Steps

Have you launched your app in the marketplace? Kudos!! Are you sure that you have developed an awesome app which is bound to be a superstar amongst the targeted user community? Wait to think again, building an outstanding app alone is not enough. Much more work is still to be done to make your app … READ MORE »

Importance of Optimizing Screen Size

Smartphones and tablets have become an integral part of our lives. They are used by everyone irrespective of age groups, education, and economic status. The number of mobile app downloads worldwide in 2018 is 205.4 billion, which is too huge a number to be ignored (Statista). Thus, optimizing for mobile screen sizes is not an … READ MORE »
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